1991 Frank Thomas Studio

This was the other huge card back in 1991.

Donruss had come up with a new set called Studio and it was like nothing else before. The cards were of players- taken in a studio!

Normally you got action shots of catches or home runs but this set was like a picture the players parents may have had in their living room.

Now- this Frank Thomas was not the coolest card from the set.

Jeff Kunkel was blowing a bubble on his card and Steve Lake had a giant bird on his shoulder for his- this set was definitely different! However, the most expensive card was rookie sensation, the BIG HURT, Frank Thomas.

I was a fan/collector of Frank Thomas the moment I heard about him and still collect him today and he has some amazing cards- two even made my list.

I remember opening several packs of Studio and not pulling this card so I ended up just buying it straight out for $8. It was another card I got at the card shop…before it finally went out of business.

It’s just classy looking…black and white with that weird purple/red boarder…it’s just gorgeous…and how could you not love that big smile. Every time I see this card, it takes me back to that little card shop and how excited I was every time I walked in.

Frank Thomas was always having fun and it really comes out in most of his cards.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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