1992 Frank Thomas Donruss Diamond King

In 1992, Donruss did something with their subset called Diamond Kings- they decided to greatly reduce the number you got per box- I think you got 2-4 per a 36 pack box; this made the Diamond King subset extremely valuable at the time. They also created the Elite Series with actual autographed cards in pack so folks really went nuts buying boxes of them- the base cards weren’t really worth much though. We were blown away that you could buy a pack and get an actual autograph!

To this day- these Diamond Kings are still some of the prettiest cards ever made and I’ll never forget what happened to my Frank Thomas Diamond King- it’s a sad story with a happy ending.

It was another card I had bought at the card shop and my mom had gotten it for my birthday- I’m thinking she paid $12 for it.

I loved that card (and still do) but I ended up losing it in a deadly game of Penny Hockey.

My cousin was a little older than me and had made a Penny Hockey table in shop class and we would play all the time. Our parents would play cards all the time and they would bet stuff- like couches and shelves- so they were always moving furniture back and forth, of course, my cousin and I ended up the same way.

I was putting my 1992 Frank Thomas Diamond King on the line for this 1982 Cal Ripken Jr Future Star rookie- back in 1992, those two cards had roughly the same value. (Can’t say that today.)

I lost…and needless to say…I cried my eyes out. Not only did I love that card but my mom had bought it for me and it was $12 and, to a poor kid, that was the same as losing hundreds of dollars!

I’m pretty sure I never told my mom that I had lost it and…long story short…years and years later, I ended up buying my cousins entire collection and that card was a part of it…so it came back home and is still happily snuggled in my book of Frank Thomas cards.

I promised to never bet it on Penny Hockey again…a promise kept!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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