1992-1993 Shaquille O’Neal Upper Deck Rookie

Shaq has been my favorite NBA player since I saw him destroy the backboard in his LSU days- I have figures of him and a huge card collection but, back in 92-93- this was the card you had to have.

Shaq…slam dunking in 3D…come on????

This was one of those cards that I could never afford as a teenager and without Ebay or a local card shop, it was almost impossible to find. It was considered the “new” 89 Ken Griffey Jr rookie.

I didn’t end up getting this card until the next decade!

I was with my wife and we found a little card shop in a mall somewhere and I found this for $40 with 90% off and quickly picked it up for $4.

A childhood dream came true and it only costed me $4.

I have no clue why I didn’t pick up the card when I first got a job or had other opportunities- all honesty- I probably forgot it even existed but I quickly remembered all those feelings when I saw it laying there. I’m pretty sure this is the card that got me back into trading cards all over again- after a hiatus of several years.

I wasn’t a big basketball fan so I doubt I was even buying packs back then…just knew that I wanted a Shaq rookie and this was THE rookie to have.

You could get the regular version in packs- this is the one I first bought. Later in life, at another card shop, I found the redemption version WITH the punched out redemption card for a few bucks and picked it up as well.

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