Garbage Pail Kids

This is another cheat because it’s not one specific card but an entire type of trading card.

Garbage Pail Kids came out in 1985 as a parody to Cabbage Patch Kids dolls and it really blew up- they even make new sets to this day!

I got into Garbage Pail Kids around 1988 but they were still new, and cheap enough ($.25 a pack), to get packs from series 1 and I loaded up on them for a few years- probably series 1 through 5 and I loved every single one equally!

I stopped buying them for several years but recently got back into them because they are simply amazing- and I even loved that terrible, awful GPK movie they mad as well.

There was a 2 year timeframe that GPK cards were everything- they were also stickers so we had them on trapperkeepers, in lockers and on skateboards.

Back in 1988, we had moved to Nicholasville, KY and, while we only lived there a year, I still have a ton of memories from the apartment building we lived in. We lived behind a Movie Warehouse so we would go over and rent NES games and play all night long. GPK cards just instantly take me back to 1988 when, YES, I did ride a skateboard…or…at least tried too.

There is obviously a love for them because they are still being made 35 years later…and yes…I still buy packs when I see them.

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