Don’t Exercise

…to lose weight.

If you’re exercising to lose weight- you’ve already failed.

There are a million amazing reasons to exercise but weight loss isn’t one of them- trust me- I know.

I’ve literally spent 35 years trying to lose weight- yes- starting back in middle school. I’ve had several successful attempts at weight loss and every single one of them was when I focused on food and exercised for other reasons.

All the times I’ve tried to exercise the weight off have been failures and not just failures but soul crushing defeats that usually led to more weight gain.

This week has been good but not great yet I’m proud of myself because I’m learning to not just give up- not just go “all in.”

I didn’t do great, as far as food, last week and we had Burger King once this week and I already know we are going out Saturday and it won’t be a good food day.

I didn’t just give up, quit and binge eat all the food though.

I ordered less than I usually do at BK and I have continued to work out every single day since April 12th.

11 straight days of exercise has already made a huge difference in how I feel- both physically and mentally.

I’m in less pain, I don’t feel as “stiff” and I’m not my normal grumpy, hate the world self.

Don’t get me wrong- I still hate humanity- we are shit…but I’m happier about it. It’s even stupid “Disney” type shit- like just listening/watching birds- even took a second this morning to watch the sun raise and follow the clouds across the sky.

I’ve been in a pretty bad place the last 2 years and it’s pathetic that I wasted so much time being depressed and giving up when I could have used it to become the “best” me.

One of the coaches on my Supernatural VR said something along the lines of “no matter what path your on, it’s never too late to change the course.”

All that to get back to where I started- exercise for other reasons than weight loss…even when you have a bad food day- which you will- don’t just give up on everything.

Exercise for more energy (really weird how that works.) Exercise for overall health and to just feel better. Exercise also helps create a better mood- trust me- if someone who hates everything as much as me can step back and enjoy the moment- anyone can.

I had planned on doing more meditation but, honestly, the working out has been amazing meditation for me. Supernatural VR puts you in these beautiful places, turns the music up and just lets you release all the anger on little black and white balls that come flying at you.

I’m still on a journey to find me and figure out a way to enjoy the years I have left and it’s sad that it takes us our entire life to learn how to truly be happy…only to die. (there’s my cheerful self.)

The last thing I’ll say about exercising is to find something you like doing- do NOT force yourself to do stuff you don’t like doing. If you hate a specific type of exercise, find something else that works that same muscle.

Also, there isn’t a correct way to do cardio- just get up and move…. walk, jump, or just dance. Find something you look forward to doing- if I’ve learned anything over the last 35 years it’s that. Do NOT be miserable doing shit you hate…not only will it make for a shitty life but you won’t stick with it, so you are just wasting your time being unhappy anyway.

I’ve fallen in love with Supernatural VR and it’s helping to push me to love exercise and I truly hope that remains…because if it does…I’m gonna be one bad ass motherfucker in about 1.5 years.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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