Fin Sharkyism

The universe told me that I needed to make changes in 2021- not just your normal everyday changes but MAJOR changes.

I had done some research in 2019 on Zen Buddhism, and meditation in general, and had even started doing a few different types of meditation to just help center my anger at the world around me and to ensure that I can make this one life I have the happiest possible.

Then 2020 hit and it seems like I got more depressed and angry at everything- the only good thing I saw in the world was my direct family- the rest was just shit.

In 2018, I created a program I called Sharketo and it helped me lose 140 lbs in about a year and I felt amazing but, while keto works and is a great way to lose weight, I couldn’t sustain it due to mental issues and emotional eating.

Fin Sharkyism is evolved out of what I learned researching for Sharketo added with several attempts of trying to get healthy.

Fin Sharkyism focuses on three aspects to being overall healthy- mental, physical and charitable.

MENTAL – I clearly have mental issues and mediation seems to really help center me so I’ve started doing 20 mins of mediation every single morning. I’ve also decided to bring my focus back to things I love- gaming, writing, some art and photography while trying to remove things that aren’t good for me- even if I enjoy them- mostly news/politics.

PHYSICAL – I felt amazing while I lost 140 lbs- I could jog up my steps and was more active; gaining that 140 lbs back has seemed to age me 15 years in just 1 year. I’m miserable physically, can barely make it up the steps and have an issue breathing just getting out of bed to pee.

CHARITABLE – I have worked with almost 100 charities over the last decade from my Sharky Claus project to Commons4Kids. C4K has really been going strong now for 8 years and we’ve donated over 13.5 million trading cards to kids. I also used Christmas 2020 to search out individuals that needed help and directly PayPal them cash. No pat on the back needed; I’m stating this to explain that I truly believe being charitable and helping the world become better, no matter how much you may hate it, is a must in overall health.

I’m trying to pull all of this together to “reach a higher fin” (AKA Zen) and work my way to becoming a Master Sharkyist Chonk.

No “plan” has ever really worked for me- from eating, exercising or mental issues so I research and find what works for me to build a way of life specialized to me- Sharky Hitchens.

“Everything you SAY and DO affects you AND them.” – Sharky Hitchens

Something so simple really hit me while thinking about creating Fin Sharkyism…this entire world consists of two groups of people- you and them; that’s it. I thought about the butterfly effect and how we are all connected; like it or not.

Image by amazing artist Linda Silversti

I need more positivity in my life- all aspects of it and I need to actually put in an effort to find it.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness
Master Sharkyist Chonk (Novitiate)