First Appointment

Today is the day!

My appointment is at 1pm and we should go over everything- set up the next 3 months of my life and get ready for surgery. I’ll be having appointments with a psychiatrist, nutritionist, scheduling a EGD (which I’m deathly afraid of) and a ton of other shit. I’m also deathly afraid of needles so this entire 3 months is going to be fun PLUS I’m paying a shit load of money for them to do it TO ME…so that makes fucking sense?

I would like to drop 75 lbs over the next 3 months…and most folks would ask, like myself- “if you can drop 75 lbs in 3 months….why the hell do you need surgery?” I’ve never had a problem dropping weight because I’m genetically set up to NOT be fat…my DNA test showed I should be a normal weight and I have the muscle structure of an elite athlete- which also explains how I can mow and do so much at this weight while those folks on weight loss shows can’t even get out of bed and sometimes weigh less than me.

My problem is binge eating and gaining all the weight back…I can drop weight but I can’t keep it off- I need to physically remove the ability to binge eat. I’ve never failed to lose weight…I’ve failed to keep it off, which makes losing it again, on my own, seem pointless- the end result will just be me gaining it back and if I can’t stop that- why put myself through it again.

And in comes surgery.

Pray for my wife – she is going with me and when they come at me with that giant needle, to steal the blood I made on my own…and I pass out- pray I don’t land on her.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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