200 lbs is a lot of weight to lose…it’s a massive goal that will take over a year to accomplish and it can get really frustrating when you plateau or even gain wait.

I’ve come up with a concept to just #FocusOn2- I’ve got 100 mini goals of 2 lbs each and that is always the goal to lose.

When someone asks me what my weight loss goal is- it’s 2 lbs…it’s ALWAYS 2 lbs.

Those 2 lbs will add up over time and it feels amazing to hit each little goal and it helps to keep me motivated and those plateaus and gains don’t hurt as much and they are easier to accept.

It’s really worked for me so far- I’m currently 13/100 on my goals.

I’ve also decided to not put any time limits on it…I just have the goal to lose 2 lbs…and then 2 lbs…and then 2lbs…however long it takes.

That is all I really have to say today…just #FocusOn2 and watch how they add up to massive losses.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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