Gaming Dads

I was 9 years old back in 1987 and I still remember playing my original Nintendo Entertainment System- I only had Super Mario/Duck Hunt but I saved the princess more than a million times- no doubt- and killed many a duck.

I never got to shoot that stupid ass dog though.

Then we jump to 1989 and I lived behind a Movie Warehouse and one of my favorite childhood memories was going with my friends to pick out the NES games we would be renting for the weekend. I would set there for hours playing video games…little did I know that all these decades later, at 41 years old, I would still be setting for hours and playing video games…with my 13 year old son.

A ton of people hate Fortnite and I get it- they are way “too cool” for that game; they are just too “hardcore gamers”.


I played Fortnite on and off through Chapter One and I would always ask my son to play but he was never interested.

Then- Fortnite had their Christmas event and I had to log in daily to get my skins and stuff like that- and while I was there, why not play a few games. I’ve been trying to focus on doing more stuff just to make me happy and relieve some stress and Fortnite was pretty good at that. I started killing folks and realizing that I wasn’t as terrible at it as I had previously though and that made the games more exciting. I started attacking the Battle Pass (way late) and trying to reach 100 and it got a bit more exciting and my son started watching me play. Now, of course I don’t only play Fortnite…so don’t think that.

Anyways, long story short…we fast forward to last night.

My son and I were playing Duos because he needed to complete a mission – “finishing top 5 for 3 games” and he still needed 2 more top 5s. I was wearing a mullet wig and USA hat on stream and just having a blast…but then it got even better.

We got the 2nd top 5 finish- which left him only needing one more- we both have already killed the Battle Pass and unlocked most of the stuff at this point…this was the last thing he needed before Thursday- when Chapter Two, Season Two starts.

We end a game and return to our lobby and BOOM- there’s Batman! I was a bit confused at first but then realized it was a friend from Facebook- he didn’t have a mic and we had never played Trios but- hell, why not!

BOOM…..Batman and I both get killed but my son lasted long enough to get his top 5 and unlock the skin he wanted.

Then he got a message from one of his friends telling us that HE was now in the lobby waiting on us- we had a squad!

We’ve never played Squads before so it was pretty exciting- we worked pretty well as a team and basically dominated the game for our first actual Victory Royale.

Yes. I’ve played for a LONG time and never gotten a single Victory Royale but I promise you- I’m the King of Second Place.

Last night was an absolute blast- We played for about 2.5 hours and there was no stress in the world- no bullshit, no anger, no problems…nothing…just pure fun.

We are now both extremely excited for tomorrow and the new season and spending the next month going through the Battle Pass and challenges.

I know, 100%, that this won’t last- maybe 3 friends will come along and I’ll get kicked from the squad or maybe he’ll prefer Duos with a friend instead of me. Maybe he’ll grow out of playing Fortnite- who knows.

All I know is that I’m having a blast right now and that is what gaming is all about. No toxic bullshit…just having a blast.

I always chuckle when I hear people bad mouthing gamers and even saying stuff about me being 41 years old and playing Fortnite…it’s usually the folks that didn’t do a great job with their own kids. My 13 year old was upstairs on the couch killing noobs while I was downstairs watching his back.

We need more gaming dads in the world…that is just a fact.

Actually- we just need more dads in the world; the gaming part just makes us cooler than the other dads.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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