May 2022 – 60K Gauntlet

The last time I tried to lose weight, I did a few 5Ks to help raise money for charities and to have an “event” to look forward too.

I started looking into doing that again, but it seemed that all the local 5Ks were on the same date as a band event, so I turned to virtual 5Ks. The fact that I couldn’t find a good date and I hate people made virtual seem perfect!

I found several I wanted to do but I’m not a huge fan of just “walking”- I did buy a treadmill but it was mostly for my wife and son- I have been doing Supernatural VR cardio for over 60 days now so just walking isn’t really going to cut it.

I found a cool group that figure out how to convert SN minutes into miles so they were doing medal challenges this way in order to complete the event but do it using SN.

After reading how they did it, I decided to change it a bit- they were basing it on someone that could walk a mile in about 11-13 mins- and that AIN’T me!

I decided that 1 minute of SN should equal .05 of a miles- this would mean a 20 minute mile- which is about what I walk.

This means that I’ll do a 5K every hour of SN – 2 hours will equal a 10K.

I found an amazing medal Gauntlet Challenge that puts 6-10Ks together as one challenge. It’s the gauntlet that Thanos has and each 10K is a different Infinity Stones- you add a stone for each 10K you do. It’s also to raise money for charity so it’s a win/win!

Based on this, it will take me 12 hours and complete the Gauntlet Challenge and I’ll be posting updates here.

SPACE – completed June 16th

MIND – completed June 17th

REALITY – completed June 18th

POWER – completed June 20th

TIME – completed June 21st

SOUL – completed June 22nd

I’ll be starting on the SPACE stone today!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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