Good Without A God

“An atheist believes that a hospital should be built instead of a church. An atheist believe that deed must be done instead of prayer said. An atheist strives for involvement in life and not escape into death. He wants disease conquered, poverty vanished, war eliminated.” – Madalyn Murray O’Hair

Atheists and Christians are only one god away from each other.

There are roughly 2,000 gods and goddesses that people could believe in and worship- I don’t believe in all 2,000 and Christians don’t believe in 1,999 of them.

Sure- Christians try to argue that point but its facts- that is the main difference.

In many countries, simply being an atheist is cause for torture and death and many Americans would be OK with that being the law here in America as well.

Back in 2006, the University of Minnesota conducted research showing that, among a long list of racial and religious minority groups, atheists were the most disliked group of people in the United States. An additional study in 2014 showed a sharpened negativity for atheists as well.

I believe this is due to pushed religious beliefs, social norms and lack of education.

I am one of your friendly neighborhood atheists (believe me, there are many right here in this small Kentucky town.) I welcome questions and discussion because I’m tired of all the negativity.

Atheists don’t eat babies- all thought it’s a funny meme in our groups because it’s so stupid. We don’t worship Satan because that would just be ignorant. We don’t believe in burning churches or stripping anyone of their freedom of religion- many of us actually stand up for those freedoms- ALL of them though, not just specific ones.

When Christians want to put their religion into schools or on our public court lawns- we question how those same people would feel if other religions did the same thing?

We are against forcing ANY religion and believe in the separation of church and state.

Many of you know me personally and I hope you think of me as a nice guy- a guy that would do what I could for anyone and focus a large part of my life on charity work and just trying to make the world better.

I am a typical atheist and I’ve been an atheist since I was 15 years old and literally became one while standing in front of the Danville Church of God and preaching about….faith…of all things.

I chose to go to church- my mom didn’t make me, she didn’t even go- I rode the church bus alone and I took notes and I highlighted my Bible. In middle school I took my Bible to school and read it during lunch and even had a few study classes with my teammates on the Bate Bulldogs football team.

I wasn’t one that listened to the sermon, then closed up my Bible until Wednesday night service or even the next Sunday service- I was the one always reading it.

Year after year, I realized that our preacher spoke about some of the same chapters and verses multiple times yet many was never mentioned. I took notes of those verses missed because I was going to be the preacher that covered the entire Bible.

When I spoke to my pastor about allowing me to preach a Wednesday night service, he agreed. I did my research and came to him with a sermon on the fact that loved ones aren’t currently in heaven or hell because the final judgement, from Revelations, hasn’t actually happened yet.

He declined to let me preach on that because- in his words- “people aren’t comfortable with that thought process and they need to believe their loved ones are safe and looking down on them.”

I will NEVER forget that- my heart literally dropped as he pushed me towards preaching about lion’s dens and faith and I remember being up there and understand just how stupid I sounded.

I didn’t just become an atheist though…I slowly removed myself from church and started reading other books- the history of the Bible, other religions and I spent my high school days and some college taking in as much information as I could.

I literally have hundreds of e-books on the subject and several actual books, including 8 different Bibles.

All that to say this- I know the Bible and the history of it. I know the history of Christianity and how people like me were tortured until we died or confessed to believe in that one specific god.

I use a lower cause “g” for god because god isn’t his name- it’s Yahweh- that word isn’t used because around 300 BC, the Jewish people considered that word too sacred to be spoken.

The discussion, for me, is no longer about trying to convince people or even really share the history with those that don’t have a clue- it’s more about atheists being accepted and no longer looked at as the bad guys.

Most of today’s society claim to believe because they were taught to believe- if they grew up in another country, they would believe in a different god. Most Christians don’t really go to church and probably haven’t opened a Bible in years and they don’t know what they claim to believe. Trust me, I’ve tried to have a discussion before and I usually get “well, I don’t know about all that stuff…just that I believe.”

Believe what? How can you believe something you “don’t know all about?”

I’ve also been told by several people, right here in this little town, that they don’t believe but could never admit that based on their social structure- they would be disowned by friends and family.

The Bible has been edited well over 1200 times and today’s Bible doesn’t even come close to the oldest Bible ever discovered from the early 4thcentury.

And if you are going by the King James Version…we’ll, you aren’t even close; this version is referred to as the “authorized version” which went through several edits from 1604 to 1611 AD.

You don’t make changes to the “word of god” and you especially don’t do it that far after the original story.

I keep getting off track with history and I’m not even trying to write about that…I’m writing about atheists- in general.

I hear all the time how Christians are persecuted because they aren’t allowed to force their beliefs on others or force their religion into all the public areas of our country and they use the argument that our country was “founded” on Christianity- which is 100% wrong again.

The fact is- the majority of our country are Christians and they have no clue what being persecuted is even like- not like religions in other countries. They can’t even come close to being as mistreated as atheist’s are- trust me.

If you disagree with that, I have an experiment that I’ve always wanted to try but no one will ever do it. I wear a shirt that simple says “Christian” and a Christian wears a shirt that simply says “Atheist” and then we go to all the same places, at different times and then report back on how we were treated to see if Christians really are so mistreated in our country. I already know the outcome because I’ve been places wearing my “atheist” dog tag and it’s…interesting and I’ve seen many of the same people not even notice a gold cross necklace because it’s just a normal everyday thing- like saying bless you.

I’m here and I’m not going anywhere- even if you try to be a “smart Christian” and use Pascal’s Wager- thinking you finally got the ol’ atheist in a corner.

I’m also don’t “sitting down and shutting up” about my beliefs while other people are so comfortable just assuming you must believe the same as they do.

You know more atheists than just me- I promise you that- and you may never even know it, they may be setting right next to you on the pew this Sunday morning because they are afraid of being who they actually are.

A few years ago I got an email from a preacher, who was a card collector and he wrote this big email about how he loved what I was doing and I was doing “the lords work” and how blessed I would be and it was just paragraph after paragraph about this type of stuff and he ended with “I will be mailing out childhood cards to you this week”.

I never put religion or politics into Commons4Kids- many cards come from Republican Trump lovers and 90% of the cards go to religious groups…but this one time…I felt the need to email him back and tell him I was an atheist because I didn’t think it was fair to let him think I was a Christian.

I got the “read” notice. He never emailed me back and his cards never arrived.

One last story-

Back when I donated a bunch of cards to our local little league, I met with the guy over it and I explained what we were doing and he asked “what’s in it for you?” I explained to him that this was my way of doing charity work to make the world a better place in any way I could…he followed up that question with “what church do you go to?”

It was worded, as if, I had to go to a church in order to try to make the world better…and it aggravated me and still does to this day. I told him I didn’t go to church and left it at that because I wanted the cards to get to the kids.

That makes me sad. That is wrong. That is the misunderstanding of what being an atheist is.

If you got questions- ask away. I’ll answer.

And if you are an atheist but afraid to be open about it, rest assured that you are not alone.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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