Guess Who’s Back?

Yea, it’s me…you guessed it.

So…the thought that the fat guy died from Covid-19 haven’t come true- yet.

As we all know, hell break lose about 1.5 months ago and my last post was on March 10th.

On March 16th, I got sent home early to start working from home- and since then- that is basically we’re I’ve stayed. We’ve gone out for groceries but now we just order those online and pick them up- other than that- I’ve been right here and scared shitless.

See- I’m not like those idiots protesting about opening everything up again because I’m a high risk kinda guy- I’m a “get Covid19 and die” kinda guy- thanks to being obese and having sleep apnea and asthma. I’m still a little under the average death age but with my added risk; I highly doubt I would survive.

So- I’ve been working from home, eating all the food and spending time with the family- watching TV shows, movies or playing video games.

Not only was I afraid of going out but I was afraid to step on that scale…but…I did and saw that I was back over 400 lbs and it hit me.

First- the fatter I get, the higher my risk of dying.

Second- I told myself I would never be over 400 lbs again.

It lit a fire under my ass and today is day 3 of Sharketo and I’m down 8 lbs and back under 400 lbs again and plan to stay there. With that motivation also came the motivation to write again- I’ve been writing a ton on my personal FB but it’s time to get life back into focus and use my “quarantine” time a bit more wiser.

I started my exercise program back up yesterday and plan to get about an hour of bike/boxing/kettlebell in each day.

I plan to get back to trying to post daily again- from reviews to thoughts to video game stuff because that is mostly what I’m doing now.

I guess you could say I was depressed the last 1.5 months and almost just giving up but seeing that number on the scale has kicked my ass into high gear so I’m back…until I fuck up again or Covid19 finally finds me!

Hope everyone is staying home and staying safe!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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Posted April 21, 2020 by Administrator in category "Thoughts