Happy Holidays 2019

Soldiers…this time, each year, we gear up for the “Great War”…I assure you…this year shall be no different.

It’s my favorite time of the year…the holiday season- three months packed FULL of holidays.

Like every year, you are going to start hearing that people like me just hate when I hear the words Merry Christmas- that’s…how do they say…oh yea….fake news. My head won’t explode and you won’t ruin my celebration by wishing me a Merry Christmas. And, yes, for me…Christmas starts November 1st.

Here are some facts for you- most of us “mean ol’ atheists” love this time of year and don’t give a shit what you say- Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa or any of the holiday greetings that you may celebrate.

I, personally, usually say Happy Holidays and it’s not because I’m against any specific holiday, it’s because I don’t want to assume you celebrate a specific holiday- it’s about respect.

If I know what holiday you celebrate, I’ll tell you that and if you tell me something first, I’ll respond in kind.


YOU- “Merry Christmas”
ME – “Merry Christmas”

Now…if I say something first, it will be Happy Holidays because you could celebrate any number of holidays.

There are 10 recognized holidays in October, 7 holidays in November and over 40 holidays in December- how arrogant of me would it be to just pick one of those 57 holidays and assume you celebrate it?

We could get into debates about the different holidays- how, based on the Bible, Jesus was actually born around September-October but December 25th was picked due to the Winter Solstice and it was a way to force pagans to convert to Christianity. We could even debate that, by having a tree in your house, you are directly going against your own religion because the Bible says its pagan and to not do it.

We could even discuss what bunny rabbits and eggs have to do with the resurrection of Jesus…I know, Christians claim it’s rebirth, etc but they are wrong based on history. Of course, that isn’t until April or around then…so we’ll anger people when that time arrives.

We live in the age of technology so we no longer have to just believe stories passed down to us- we can now actually learn real history. Educate yourself on what you believe, why you believe it and the actual facts behind it.

All that was said to say this- Happy Holidays- regardless of which one you celebrate.

I celebrate Halloween, with all the ghost, monsters, evilness and David S. Pumpkins.

I celebrate Indigenous People’s Day; not Columbus Day.

I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving– I celebrate Guy Fawkes Night and Sharketogiving, which is my own made up holiday because- aren’t they all really? You are more than welcome to celebrate SharketoGiving by having family over and serving a massive meal of Sharketo friendly food!!!

Then I celebrate Christmas- Santa, Frosty, and Rudolph. I watch to see if Michael Buble will see his shadow and come out to sing us a few Christmas favorites.

I celebrate the Winter Solstice for it’s the actual reason for the season.

Finally, I celebrate New Year because it’s a great time to reset- to remember the past year and hope for the future year.

If you celebrate something different or the same holiday but for different reasons….awesome! Most of the holidays that come up this time of year have some stuff in common- food, family, friends and just being better to each other- in general. (Besides Black Friday that is.)

I hope everyone has an amazing holiday season; celebrate what you want- how you want and don’t worry so much about what others are celebrating- if someone wishes you Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas or Happy Kwanzaa- that in itself is pretty awesome because most people are assholes the other 9 months of the year, including myself.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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