Hit My Goal Weight

Well…not the overall goal but the goal for this week.

It’s been two days and I’m down 8 lbs- the weekly average goal is 4 lbs.

I did it all without any pills or bullshit- when you see those claims “take this pill and lose 10 lbs in a week”- it’s total bullshit.

If you change how you eat and drink a ton of water, you will actually lose a ton of water weight during the first week- without any pills and they know this, which is why they claim it.

I figure I’ll drop about 15 lbs this week but I know it’s water weight, which is why I only set the avg at 4 lbs because this will give me a huge head start but it will quickly drop off and that avg will drop really quick.

That’s really about it for today- got in my two workouts yesterday and heading to my first workout this morning.

The first week is always just getting habits in place and letting your weight adjust to the new lifestyle, which is while I’ll actually start the 365 Weight Loss Writing Prompts on January 1st, 2022.

For the next week- you just get shitty little updates because that really is all there is.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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Posted December 28, 2021 by Administrator in category "53 Week Year