I Am Supernatural

This is a review of the #SupernaturalVR app. I’m not affiliated or paid to write this.

I like to do things a bit differently, so I won’t make you read the entire thing for my final verdict- it’s amazing, I love it and I feel it’s well worth the price tag.

The price tag, for me, was pretty damn high.

I’m a gamer so I already had all the fancy stuff like an Xbox Series X and a Playstation 5 and I do have the VR for the PS5 but it’s wired to the console and the camera is really touchy and- while I really enjoyed playing games on it- the hassle of all of it just wasn’t worth it.

If you already have an Oculus- the price tag is around $20 a month…but if you don’t- buying one isn’t cheap!

I kept hearing folks talking about their Oculus and I wanted to be one of the cool kids- so I broke down and bought one mostly to be able to watch YouTube like I’m in a giant theater. It has other benefits though- it’s not wired and it’s super quick to get in and out of some VR entertainment.

I started running down the apps and games to see what all it could do- I knew I wanted to get a cool boxing “game”- I have Beat Saber and Creed on the PS VR and really liked those.

I’m not sure how or why but I saw Supernatural VR and I remember I had seen some stuff about that before- and it offered a 7 day trail so what did I have to lose? I would play with it a few days and then cancel- no biggie.

That was 11 days…and I did NOT cancel.

The first day was just playing around with it- I clicked a few sessions just to get the feel but I wasn’t “ready” to work out at that moment- I was in “play with the new toy” mode. It did seem interesting, and I planned to do my first full routine the next day- April 12th.

I’ve fallen in love instantly twice in my life- the first time is when I opened my apartment door and saw my future wife standing there- I would have married her that second- no questions. The second time was April 12th.

I clicked on the “basic” routines and starting learning to box in VR and what a “flow” was.

27 sessions later and I’m addicted. I literally crave it- it’s insane. I’m an old fat guy that now looks forward to getting up each day and getting a few sessions in and it makes no sense.

The coaches are AMAZING- all of them- there isn’t a single coach I don’t like. They are there, face to face, to warm you up and then they are there (voice only) to help keep you motivated and then back face to face to cool you down.

All types of music.
All types of skill level.

I’m 44 years old and over 400 lbs and there are levels for me! There are also levels for professional boxers as well.

And it’s not just generic music or something where you pay per track. It’s loaded with popular music you know including Disney’s Encanto!

On top of that, it has an amazing online Facebook community of supportive people on the same journey as you.

People always say they would do ANYTHING to lose weight, get healthy and feel better…. but then complain that $20 a month is too much.

I’ll happily pay $20 a month to feel how I feel right now. I haven’t really lost any weight but that’s because I’m still working on my eating issues, but I do feel amazing…hell…I was up at 5:30am this morning boxing!

I feel healthier. I feel better. I feel stronger…. but most importantly- I’m happier.

Once I get the food issues worked through, there is NO doubt I’ll lose weight because this is a great cardio workout that has me sweating and moving.

And that isn’t even all. You also get 5 30-day trial passes each month to send to friends- so now we are basically up to 6 people using the app for $20 a month.

And there is MORE!

Those 5 people get a “welcome box” with Supernatural swag- one of mine got am amazing Snapback hat and another got a cool water bottle!

Sure- eventually you will run out of friends to invite, and the swag will stop and you will just be paying $20 for an amazing workout program that is available all the time- 24/7 workouts and motivation and that’s a value to me!

Even on my “days off” I found myself doing a quick 10 minute session just because I “had to” …it truly felt weird to a guy like me to have an “itch” to get up and exercise….but I’m loving it!

If you need a free 30-day guess pass- let me know- I’ll have 5 more next month.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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