I Cried

I’m coming up on 43 years old and I’m a big bald dude with a sweet beard and tattoos…but I’m fucking stressed and it’s all finally coming out- 4 years of a traitor, dictator wannabe and almost a year of Covid 19 has gotten to me.

Over the last month, I’ve probably cried more times than the decade before it- I was pissed on the 6th but then end up with tears in my eyes when Congress returned to finish the job.

I cried when I started hearing how the vaccine was successful and how my wife could possibly get her first shot in the coming weeks.

I cried on 01.19 watching an actual president mourn with America and not just ignore us and the pandemic we are in. I saw those lights in Washington and heard Biden speak with empathy and I felt relieved that we now have a president that understands that so many Americans are dying- most without even being able to have a funeral.

I’m now watching the Inauguration of Joseph R. Biden, Jr. and I’ve got tears in my eyes because “our national nightmare is finally over” and I truly feel like that. I have tears in my eyes because of a nation changed thanks to Kamala Harris….Black Lives Matter…women matter.

It feels like 4 years of stress, anger and depression has just been lifted off of me at one time and it’s crushing- but in a good way- it’s like it all just hit me at once- the country we have today is not the same as we had yesterday.

Donald Trump had to tear down our country and come close to destroying it, in order to reach his one promise…to Make America Great Again.

As he flew away and we turned all of our attention towards our future, I will admit that “promises made were kept”….America is starting to feel great again.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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