I Want To Be Tracer

….um….no…I’ll be Junkrat!!!

I’m a huge fan of Overwatch and have been for a little over a year. Yes, I got in late and I play on Xbox One so I guess I’m not a true fan because I’m not “pc bro” but it’s the game I enjoying playing the most and here’s why.

As a father who has a full time job, runs a charity, has a middle school kid in HIGH SCHOOL band and trying to lose weight and write- I have very little time to spend gaming. I like games I can jump in, play for 10-30 minutes and jump back out again and Overwatch is perfect for that.

On top of that I love the characters, maps and I’m pretty decent at it- not great but not as bad as I am at Call of Duty…and I still play that!

Plus I’m basically married to Mei!

I’m a Junkrat “main” but also love playing Orisa as well.

Now, I normally don’t play in a league or anything- just quick games- because I don’t want to ever hurt someone else by being so bad at games.

So, the fact that Overwatch is finally coming to Switch should have be ecstatic…but it doesn’t.

I’ve put A LOT of money into Overwatch so far- I bought the better edition of the game, spent tons on skins and loot boxes and I’ve put hours and hours of time into playing (plus I’ve bought tons and tons of the toys!)

Now, I’ve heard that Blizzard is thinking of taking Overwatch to a “free to play” status- which would bring in new people and they could still make money on skins, etc but also allow us to have other players to kills…so I’m all for that…even after buying it.

BUT NOW…I gotta buy it again? And start all over with everything?

From what I’m reading, you ranks don’t come over, your skins and loot doesn’t come over…it’s all NEW? So do I have to have a 2nd Blizzard account?

I mean, I can hope on Fortnite from my Xbox or Switch and its all there and it’s FREE to play, so if I have to buy that game all over again, the least you could do is let me have my skins that I’ve already paid for and don’t feel I should pay for AGAIN!

I understand that folks who have PS4 and Xbox usually have to pick which console to play the newest game on and if they want both- they have to buy both- but in this day and age of digital and cross platform stuff, this doesn’t make any sense.

I would love to play this on the Switch…in my bed, on the toilet or on vacation but if I have to spend another $40 for a game I already have then I won’t have sheets, toilet paper or be going on vacation to play it!

Plus…if I can’t be Krampus and wish everyone a “Happy Holiday” in December…then what’s the point???

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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Posted September 10, 2019 by Administrator in category "True OG