I’m A Gamer Damn It

I want to write more and I want to make SharkysWorld more about everything in my world and not just Sharketo…another thing I love to do is play video games.

I am literally the worse player you will ever meet but I enjoy it and life is about doing what you enjoy.

So…I want to start doing some stuff on games I’m playing, funny stuff…maybe some reviews or just game related stuff and I’m going to call this section “I’m A Gamer!”

You don’t have to be good at something to love it….ask my wife about our sex life….duuuuun doooomb!

I would like to go ahead and anger most of the gaming world by saying that I’m a Nintendo and Xbox guy- no Playstation or computer.

I started playing games back in the 80s on the NES and first remember playing Super Mario (like a lot of folks my age) then I moved to the other Nintendos that came out like Super and N64 and added a Playstation 1 and then Playstation 2. There were several years when I was “out of the game” (hahaha…get it…jebus that comedy!)

When I got back in, I had a choice….PS3 or Xbox 360- I’m not sure why I went with the Xbox but I decided to go all in and I’ve stuck with it ever since. I don’t had PS it’s more of a money thing- I already can’t afford all the shit from Nintendo and Xbox and I can’t afford an entire 3rd system.

I’m not anti-PS…both systems are amazing and have cool exclusives, I just happen to have an Xbox. As for computer gaming, I played games on the computer in the 90s and it was TERRIBLE…I’m sure it’s way more amazing now, but again….a limit on time and money just pushes me towards a console.

Here is what I currently have and play –

Xbox 360 (2- upstairs and downstairs)
Xbox One (2- upstairs and downstairs)
Wii U
NES Mini Classic
Super NES Mini Classic
Plug/Play Atari
Plug/Play Genesis

Those plug/play are just the ones you plug into the TV and they have tons of games pre-installed.

And I do play Pokemon Online on my computer/tablet…as well as Pokemon Go but I’m not much of a computer/phone gamer.

I prefer single player games over multiplayer because, like I said earlier, I am really…REALLY bad. I enjoy Call of Duty but usually always “Free For All” because I don’t want to bring the team down with just how bad I suck but I do love running around trying to kill people.

While I do enjoy all of this new stuff, there is nothing better than running through and saving the princess or trying to pop your enemies balloons before they pop yours.

There are a ton of gamers on the internet but most of them are these young guns who are amazing at games and get tons of wins in Fortnite….I want to represent the middle aged folks that suck at games…those of us that find a spot in Fortnite and hide and pray that no one finds us so we can just get in the top ten….and literally go ape shit when we get A kill….”A” as in ONE….I lose my shit and go crazy…which is pathetic but also fun and that is life in general- pathetic but sometimes fun.

Just remember….I may be a 40 year old dad but I’m A Gamer….damn it!!!

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Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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