I’m Bad at Gaming

I’ve been on Twitch for a while now because I like watching Boogie2988 and a small handful of others but I’ve always enjoyed watching Twitch streams on YouTube- I’ve learned a lot about Fortnite, Overwatch and other games and I love watching Pew Dew Pie do play through’s of games. Last night though, I decided to become a Twitcher (without the meth).

I updated my Twitch channel a bit and played around with the broadcasting options on my Xbox One. I haven’t built up the courage yet to throw on the mic or camera but I think I will eventually get there because there are tons of folks at there that can show you how to become better at games but there are only a select few who can show you just how good you already are….by showing you how bad I can be.

I do understand that I must have a complex that enjoys being told to “eat shit”, “you suck” or to go and kill myself because I’m so bad at a game but I still enjoy playing regardless of all of that and I’m really starting to get back into it so give me what you guy….I’m a big boy.

The titles of the streams will be pretty simple- “I’m Bad At….” and then the game title that I’m playing.

I’m the old guy trying to continue doing what I love, even though it’s being taken over by you young’ns so even if I never really get into it, it’s nice knowing how to do it and learning new things.

I’ve embedded my Twitch feed into the site…over to the right there….so you can watch it straight from here- if I’m online. I have no “schedule” and I would only be streaming an hour or two here and there but probably in the evenings and on weekends since I do have a full time job, run a charity and have a family.

“Look Morty…I’m a Twitcher…I’m Twitching Morty…..I’M TWITCHING!!!”

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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Posted August 22, 2018 by Administrator in category "True OG