I’m Not Insane

…but I am.

A big part of my weight issue is no doubt mental and emotional eating and that is a big difference I’m attacking 2021 with…just some mediation and it seems I picked a great time to start it.

The first week saw a ton of highs for me but some really low….lows.

Everything is “blue” when it comes to politics so that is a plus, then we have the vaccine rolling out. I dropped 9 lbs the first week and I’ve yet to miss a day of the little routine I started.

But then…we had traitors attack our capital live on television with the hopes of literally assassinating elected officials in front of everyone watching and we had the guy in the White House promote it…we almost saw the end of democracy- so, that was a bit stressful.

I made it through though and had more successful days than bad days and, with the new weight loss journey, there was no “end” or need for a “restart” like I’ve done so many times in my life…

….well, I screwed up Thursday- might as well enjoy myself until Monday and then I’ll get back on track…

…nope…none of that bullshit.

I worked through it.

So far I’ve completed the Headspace series on Netflix and liked it so much, I joined Andy with a year long subscription and I’ve been loving it so far.

Still a long way to go but no more restarting this journey….just continuing it!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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Posted January 10, 2021 by Administrator in category "Thoughts