I’m Smart Now!

Back to some weight loss updates!

I started a new program called “Transform” on Sept 29th and it’s basically an app that helps teach me some things I need to know and gives me access to a health coach, which I think will be a huge plus. The app is also pretty helpful (when it works right) and the entire program helps give me true accountability because I have someone calling me each week and checking to make sure I’m doing what I need to do.

AKA- babysitter…but a babysitter that I need to get me back on the right track.

With that said, I AM still doing Sharketo because that is what worked and it’s what makes me feel best- when I actually do it.

I’m down 3 lbs so it’s going slow but I’m getting there- I’m working on making better decisions and not letting a bad decision get thrown into a month long bad decision.

This week, I learned about setting S.M.A.R.T. goals and it’s a bit mind-blowing because I’ve researched weight loss for most of my life and never came across this but it makes sense and has already helped this week.


Each week I start with telling myself I’m going to eat better and exercise more and then I usually don’t…I don’t really have a plan and my goals don’t really fit into any of the S.M.A.R.T. categories.

I made my goal be “start doing my 30 minutes of cardio (stationary bike/boxing) every weekday from 3:30-4:00pm- that fits all the categories and gives me a specific goal to focus on.

Next week, I’ll take what I did this week and make a new S.M.A.R.T. goal.

I think, overall, the program will really help me- the coach is friendly and easy to talk too and the app has a “wheel” that you need to complete each week and that is more motivating than I thought it would be.

Since I lost 140 lbs and I know how to do it- a lot of the stuff is really slow right now because the program is set up to take you from “nothing” to “weight loss”- so it’s covering a lot of the basics that I’ve had down for almost 2 years now.

I clearly know HOW to lose weight- my problem is actually doing that due to food addiction and binge eating due to emotional and “real world” triggers.

Emotional stuff like getting depressed or angry and real world stuff like seeing fast food commercials constantly, always driving by fast food places or getting hit with all the junk food in the grocery store- even if you try your best to stay away from those areas.

I feel like I’m getting back on track and trying to get weight loss/healthiness back as the main focus of life.

We’ve also been cooking at home more which really helps…I should start posting more weight loss stuff from this point on but still want to keep doing the “Thoughts” writing because it puts me in a happy place- even if I’m writing about the ignorance of the world around me….

….and VIDEO GAMES….I got to start making time for more video games, making videos and posting about the stuff I truly enjoy.

I gotta end this decade on a high note!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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