Impeachment Process

I am that weird guy- the guy that listens to every public hearing and watches news all the time. The Mueller Hearings were like the Super Bowl for me- I was literally excited for weeks leading up to it finally happening.

I pay for Sirius XM for the news channels- I would estimate my listen time is 95% news and 5% other stuff.

When I’m doing cards- my Google Mini is playing news; I even have news playing on my phone when I play video games that don’t require you to listen.

News is my life.

During EVERY single open hearing they have had over the last few years- Republicans have said some sort of – “the Democrats are only doing this for the publicity. They have all these cameras and they are trying to make this into a circus. These hearings should be closed. We are here to find the facts but they are here to make this all a show.”

NOW- the Democrats are getting serious and have moved into a “grand jury” type phase so they are having closed hearings and now…I swear to you…Republicans are saying stuff like – “the Democrats are doing all of this in secret, in the basement and trying to hide this all from the Republicans and the public.”

It’s amazing how quickly they just change their entire view.

The truth is- these hearings are being held in front of committees that contain both Democrats and Republicans.

For example- Bill Taylor testified in front of the House Intelligence, Oversight and Foreign Affairs committees yesterday.

The Intelligence Committee includes 9 Republicans.
The Oversight Committee includes 18 Republicans.
The Foreign Affairs Committee includes 21 Republicans.

These hearings are CLEARLY not being hidden from Republicans- they are there and they get equal opportunity to ask these people questions and “cross examine.” The Republicans on these committees get to hear and see all the evidence.

These hearings and the entire job of the House (in relation to impeachment) is to act like a “grand jury”.

The purpose of a grand jury is NOT to determine guilt or innocence but to decide whether there is probably cause to prosecute someone for a felony crime. The grand jury operates in secrecy and the normal rules of evidence do not apply. The prosecutor runs the proceedings and no judge is present. The defendant has no rights to present his case or side of the story and, in many instances, to even be informed of the proceedings at all.

In the situation of impeachment- the House acts as the grand jury and they decide if there is enough evidence to charge a crime (impeachment). Once the grand jury/House sends up the charge/impeachment then the Senate is the “court” and that is where the trial is held with the evidence and the president gets to see the evidence against him and tell his side- have his attorneys there to ask questions and defend himself.

This is all laid out perfectly in the Constitution.

When you hear Republicans say things like “these hearings are being held in secret” and “the president doesn’t have a chance to defend himself or cross examine”- they FULLY understand how the process works but they know most Americans don’t- so you start seeing uneducated Americans post memes about how unfair the president is being treated. Please realize that those people don’t have a clue what they are talking about and now YOU can educate them to the process and help them not look so much like complete idiots.

The main problem about America, at this moment, is the lack of education and the unwillingness to actually learn. Trump supporters hear Trump spit out bullshit or Republicans spit out talking points and they take them as FACT- never researching for themselves- and then they spit it out and show their ignorance to people who actually understand how this all works.

There is NO doubt that Trump will be impeached by the House- he’s admitted guilt, the people around him have admitted guilt, he released evidence proving guilt and now all the people that were apart of it are coming out and actually telling the complete story that shows guilt. He will be impeached.

Being impeached does NOT mean he will be removed from office. Nixon resigned and wasn’t actually removed and Clinton was impeached for lying about a blowjob but wasn’t removed.

The actions of this president has literally gotten people killed and destroyed the reputation of America for decades to come- he will be impeached- the question is, will the Republicans on the “jury” stand up for America and its Constitution or continue to kiss Trumps ass based on fear of being in a Tweet?

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