Something most people don’t know about me- probably even my wife- I would love to become a motivational speaker type person. Sort of the way I’m trying to go with SharkysWorld.com and Commons4Kids.org.

I’ve started posting positive articles and stuff on C4K, as well as the trading card stuff. I’m trying to set things up where I can promote other people and I’m trying to show the real struggle of a weight loss journey by posting about all the highs and lows- trying to show the actual story that the line between the before and after pictures really consists of.

I had another rough weekend but recovered on Sunday and I’ve had 3 days of being Sharketo perfect and I feel fucking amazing! I want to just let out a primal scream- not for all the negative bullshit around me but for knowing that I’m killing this shit right now.

I’ve worked out for an hour each day and its felt amazing- I’ve stopped playing around and slacking and it’s showing all over the damn place.

There are so many people out there thinking they can’t do this and they couldn’t be more wrong. I was morbidly obese my entire life- probably came out obese honestly. I was raised on food stamps and gov’ment cheese- when you get food stamps, you usually get the cheapest food available so you can get enough of it or sell the rest for cigarette money (shout out to cigarettes for causing my mom to have a miserable life.)

I tried and failed to lose weight all my life and I was miserable doing it…I’m probably one of the laziest people you’ve ever met and have ZERO will power- yet I got people talking about how I now workout 2 hours a day and can set through work “food days” and not give in.

That is fucking Sharketo right there- pushing you to do things you never would.

When you do the program correctly, you have so much energy that you are begging to workout…you literally can’t wait to get home and just “do shit”- you literally have a hard time just setting around and watching something on TV.

I hate to sound cliché but it fits so perfectly- if I can do it, anyone can do it! I always heard that and thought it was bullshit until I actually did it…actually did something I never thought I could do. I literally still think to myself- “how the hell did I get here?”

I used to tell myself that I would do/give anything to lose weight but the truth is- I wouldn’t. I won’t tell you what will work for you but I will tell you what worked or me- Sharketo (lazy keto).

Please understand that I’m available through DM or email to answer any questions and if I don’t have the answer- I’ll do the research for you- that way we both learn!

There is no doubt that I’m already back into ketosis because I feel like I could crush the world in the palm of my hand and it’s an amazing feeling- seeing that scale number go down does help and I do realize once it slows or even stops, that frustration could overtake this feeling so I gotta focus on stopping it before it gets that far.

This weekend will be the true test of where I’m at.

Love, Peace and Sharkness

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