Never Sober

You ever hear an alcoholic say “I’ve been sober for 3 years” or something along those lines. People addicted to drugs and alcohol can get sober/clean and just not be around or touch the stuff but people addicted to food can’t do that.

There is no getting sober for us and there is no getting away from it.

Folks with other addictions can remove themselves from those situations- addicted to gambling, don’t go to casinos. Alcoholics can stay out of bars and away from the alcohol area of a store.

Food addicts not only have food everywhere but they literally have to figure out a way to control their addiction- how many sober alcoholics and drug abusers would there be if they were forced to use just a little bit of their addiction daily- without losing control.

Getting sober/clean is extremely hard but imagine how hard it would be if you needed those things to literally live.

I’m trying to open up more about my issues- binge eating, food addiction, depression, etc. I’m tired of struggling and fighting this internal war with myself and I’m tired of hearing people say stupid shit like “just eat healthier and exercise”.

People don’t understand food addiction- obese folks are just lazy with no self-control while drug addicts get medical help and live in houses together to help fight their addiction.

My weight loss journey is going down a different path- it’s a path I should have went down 20 years ago but I didn’t…it’s taken me 41 years to come to terms with the actual situation I’m in.

Maybe I was born addicted to food or maybe it’s because my mom rewarded me with food and gave me all the bad stuff I wanted because she was a single parent trying to keep her kid happy. Maybe it’s because I grew up on food stamps and sugary crap is way cheaper than meat and salads. Maybe it’s because buffets are more of a value than meals- all you can eat for $10 or a healthy meal from somewhere like Applebee’s for $15.

It could be any of those or all of those at once- regardless- here I am.

I use to write and try to weight loss based on helping others but most of those others are not and have never been in my situation.

I’m focusing on telling my story and trying to find people in my situation- obese, food addiction, binge eating…not Karen, from accounting, trying to lose 10 lbs and get down to 120 lbs.

Nothing wrong with Karen- best of luck to her- but I’m not doing this for her and I can’t really over her help and she can’t offer me anything unless she was once 400 lbs and now down to 120 lbs- maybe then I’d be interested in her thoughts.

I’m not paying to promote myself or my journey because 99% of the folks that would see it don’t fit into the group I’m wanting to reach.

While SharkysWorld contains so much other stuff that I’m into- from video games to writing- the major part covers MY journey.

Being obese my entire life, food addiction, binge eating and depression IS my journey.

I did amazing for a week and the scale went up 6 lbs and I tried to fight it but failed. My wife was having a rough day yesterday and all that combined led to Taco Bell, brownies and Oreos.

Last night was a screwed up- today is back to the battle. Every day is a battle and the key is to win more than you lose. The last 8 days have been 7 wins and 1 lose.

We can never be sober but we can never stop fighting. I can’t call last night a relapse because we don’t have the comfort of ever “being clean”.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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