This week in “What I’m Playing”, I have to admit an addiction.

I’ve read about it and even heard about it and it finally got to me last week.

I had played around with it a few times- here and there but never really let it start controlling my life…something changed last week though.

Honestly, it changed over the holidays- you know how stressful those times can be.

I started logging into Fortnite for my daily “gift” and unlocking Star Wars stuff- and while I was there I would play a quick game or two. I hadn’t really played Fortnite much and when I did, I would run from folks and basically just find a hiding spot and wait out the storm- literally.

I would be in the top 5 almost every game but would quickly be killed- it wasn’t fun or exciting but it was the cool, hip thing to do.

I started playing and doing my normal thing but then I got into an early gun fight and WON…man…I had a high like no other!

Then I won another gun fight…and another…I started realizing that I didn’t suck as much as I thought- and the more gun fights I won- the more exciting and fun it became.

My 13 year old son started watching me- he has never really cared about Fortnite- be he was watching me and we were having a blast together and I quickly started moving up the free Battle Pass. I started unlocking stuff and once it got to where I thought it was worth the $9.50; I jumped in.

I started killing a few folks here and there- averaging anywhere from 3-10 kills per game AND consistently being in the top 5 with several top 2 finishes….but still- never a Victory Royale. 🙁

I quickly finished the Battle Pass in a week or so- which is impressive for an old guy with a full time job, family, teenager and international charity to run!

It has now become the addiction that I’ve heard so much about- I’m around level 120 on the Battle Pass and there is nothing left to unlock- yet Fortnite is all I can think about…and I can NOT wait until Feb 6th when the new season/Battle Pass hits.

I’m not ashamed- I’m almost 42 years old and I love Fortnite. Hell, I’ve even started posting Fortnite clips on social media.

Just call me “Fat Ninja”.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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