Its Fall!!!

This weekend is going to be, as the kids say, LIT FAM!!!

This weekend is the weekend we celebrate the coming of the greatest time there is to be human- FALL.

I swear if you try to tell me it’s not FALL yet, I will punch you! There is pumpkin spice lattes flowing down throats and the leaves are starting to fall. There is Halloween candy in all the stores- yelling…NAY…SCREAMING at me everywhere I turn; that is actually the scariest part of Halloween for a fat guy trying to lose weight- like myself.

For me- this weekend is the change over from summer to fall and I could NOT be more happier- fall is the greatest time of the year and if you believe different- you are wrong.

Tonight Evan has his first high school football game performance as a member of the high school marching band.

Tomorrow we are going to Louisville to celebrate his birthday early (it’s Sept 15th but due to band stuff this is the only weekend we have to do it); we’ll have cake and stuff on the 15th but we are going shopping tomorrow AND…you know how we do- also donating 50,000 trading cards to an amazing group called Roo’s Wish- a group that makes sure all the kids in children’s homes get stockings on Christmas and they will have trading cards in them!

Saturday night I’m playing with fire and we are roasting hot dogs on the fire pit- as one does during the fall season- WHICH IT IS!!!!!

Sunday we are donating more cards to a girl that works with a cosplay charity and sets up at conventions and stuff.

I also plan to work on card donations and play some video games on Sunday as well.

Finally, Monday I’m getting the old grill out to officially say goodbye to summer.

September/October will be full of football games and band stuff. Decorating for Halloween on October 1st and then….

….and THEN….


November 1st- the tree goes up, Christmas pukes all over The Milburn house and we have 2 full months of Santa, Frosty, Christmas music, Rudolph, Ralphie, The Grinch, Gizmo, Buddy the Elf….ALL OF IT!!!

We’ll even see Michael Buble come out from hiding to serenade me with amazing tales of talking snowmen and to personally wish ME a merry little Christmas!

I know- us mean ol’ atheists aren’t supposed to enjoy Christmas…OR even say the word CHRISTMAS…ahhhhhh.

I’m not the one…trust me.

This is the time of year when most people step up and start treating each other a little better- hope and joy comes back, at least for a month or so.

I don’t care if you say Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas or what you believe the reason is behind this time of year- I just know that it’s “happy” and the world changes a little bit and I need that right now.

I’ve retired from battling in the Great War of Christmas.

I literally just set and wait- all year long- for the four months of Sept-Dec….none of the other months mean anything really…just wasted time getting to this time of year.

And finally…October 20th…the day I celebrate meeting the most amazing person on this big floating rock and we celebrate 16 full years together!

Man…what a time to be alive!!!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

PS – Dear universe- do NOT kill me during the next four months and make that “what a time to be alive” become irony…you’d be a real asshat if you did that.

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