January 6th, 2021

Now that it’s been a few days, we can step back and really look at what happened when traitors tried to overthrow our country.

I would like first to restate that these people were terrorists and traitors to the United States of America. Anyone, including your friends and relatives, who still have Trump flags/signs up are also traitors to this country.

I voted for Biden but I removed my sign the moment he won because he is a politician- not a celebrity or savior and I’m not in a cult.

A ton of ironic things happened on 01.06.2021 and we need to acknowledge them because a seasoned writer, like Orwell, couldn’t have written it any better.

You literally had traitors, carrying the Confederate Flag, in the Capital Building…while yelling “traitors!”…like, that is the definition of irony.

You had a brainwashed lady make statements online that “the storm was coming and nothing could stop it!” She was stopped with a bullet and lost her life- no sympathy for traitors.

You had another girl waving around a “don’t tread on me” flag…she was literally tread (treaded??) to death by her traitor friends.

You had a big bad ass that liked to wave his guns around on social media…he brought a taser, which he kept in his pocket, right next to his ball sack; said taser lit up his balls like the 4th of July until he died of a heart attack.

Each death ironic, hilarious and well deserved.

Then you had the cop that was beaten to death with a fire extinguisher…by a mob of traitors waving “thin blue line” and “blue lives matter” flags and signs…those folks didn’t really think blue lives were very important as they slammed the fire extinguisher into his head, huh?

These traitors attacked our Capital Building with plans of kidnapping elected officials and hanging our elected Vice President.

Now I see folks who supported these traitors talking about how they were simply upset and there should be unity…nah…fuck them…there can be NO unity with these traitors. They should be called out, with every opportunity, for exactly who and what they are.

Many of these traitors have been arrested and will hopefully die painfully behind bars.

BUT…now the man who led the traitors lost his access to social media and the little lost sheep don’t know what to do- you see stuff like “this is the end of the first amendment”.

It’s funny how a private business can NOT be forced to do something like make a cake for a gay couple but, AT THE SAME TIME, a private business SHOULD be forced to allow a traitor to openly promote violence against our country….weird how these traitors don’t fully understand irony or their own flawed arguments.

The last flawed argument they seem to really get lost with relates to George Orwell.

The problem is, I’m not sure any of these traitors have actually read 1984 because a private business refusing to allow a wanna be dictator to use their platform for lies and propaganda is actually the exact OPPOSITE of the story they love to speak about so much.

In 1984, lies such as “2+2=5” were forced as facts, which is comparable to “Trump actually won”; the difference is, our society basically told those promoting the lie to go fuck themselves…while the traitors are trying to figure out why we know the actual answer is 4…and Trump lost- hugely.

This entire situation is so full of irony that it really makes me think we could be living in a novel and not reality because it’s written so perfect.

I suggest these traitors get a friend or family member, someone who DOESN’T support Trump, to read 1984 to them and try to help them understand that they are simply mindless citizens of Oceania and those of us still fighting them are Winston Smith.

And while the book had a negative ending…it is, in fact, not reality and our society continues to stand up against big, orange brother.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

I mean… ~~~~~shArky~~~~~

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