Kingdom Hearts 3

I played Kingdom Hearts 2 on Playstation 2….for about 10 minutes and then decided it was NOT my type of game and never played it again. I never played any other Kingdom Hearts games and actually know very little about it but with the hype behind KH3, I had to check it out and give it a shot.

I wasn’t about to drop $60 (or $80) on a game when I couldn’t even get into the previous version so I rented it for $3 out of RedBox and let me tell you…I’ll be dropping the $60 this weekend.

You have to remember that this is coming from an Overweight, Older, Awkward Gentleman (buy the shirt!!!) who considers himself a #TrueOG (Older Gamer) and I’m not going to use all the words that the kids may use or even get into details about frames per second or the engine the game was built on- I’m just going to tell you what I thought of it after playing it for a few hours.

The game is lit fam!!!!!

Honestly- it was pretty fun. I’m not much for “watching” video games- I like playing them more and this game is LOADED with moments that you just put the controller down and watch a Disney like movie. The “acting” isn’t great and there was quite a bit of “cringe”. I played through the entire first “story” and there were multiple moments where it just didn’t really flow. Some of the characters would just stand there, almost like they were waiting for someone to remember who was supposed to speak next. One of those instances was with Hades…just had a few seconds of “what the hell is going on right now?”

After about an hour into it, I really wasn’t feeling it and almost gave up- like I did with KH2- because I was watching more than playing and I just wasn’t getting into it but I had decided to fight through the Hercules level to at least give it a chance and I’m glad I did.

It has a great tutorial section that allows you to refer back each time a new mechanic is introduced which is amazing for gamers like me- I don’t want to learn everything about the game in the first 5 minutes and then try to remember what button does what 4 hours later and it gives you the option to learn the new stuff or just skip that and teach yourself- so it seems great for basic gamers like me and advanced gamers as well.

After finishing up the Olympus level, I realized that I had about 2 hours of fun and really enjoyed it overall but then I got hit with another huge scene of just watching (you do have the option to skip but if you want to know the story, why would you do that?) I kept watching and watching and it felt like it would never end and once it did, I was just looking for a “save” spot so I could do something else.

I plan on buying the game this weekend and playing several more hours because there is a TON more Disney stuff to get into like Frozen and Toy Story and I’m not even a big Hercules fan- so if I enjoyed that level, I can’t wait to tackle some of the other stuff.

The game seems to have a great story, worth putting in the “watch” time and it plays pretty smooth and doesn’t allow you to get “stuck” like many other games that I give up on. I felt like it was holding my hand- but only when I needed it and I think it’s a game I could completely play through- and there are NOT many of those.

I’m not going to become a KH “fanboy” but the game is definitely worth the $60 and hours to play through and I think most gamers will get a ton of fun out of it.

I do realize I can’t really give a FULL review since I only played through what was basically the first level but I can tell you that it was good enough for my money and my time and I’m willing to play through several more levels so that is a good game in my book.

If I actually finish it, I’ll post up an actual “complete review” of the entire game but, unless it just gets really bad all of a sudden, the review is going to be positive and I’ll be happy with what I’ve put into it.

This game is definitely a buy for most folks and I don’t think you can go wrong by giving it a shot!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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