LawrenceTurd Gets Covid19

Covid19 cases are shooting up in lil LawrenceTurd and who do we have to blame for that? Who do we blame for the fact that there won’t be any ACHS football games this year and no ACHS Marching Band for us to enjoy?

There are a number of folks that have direct blame; these are people that we considered good folks…our neighbors…but when the going got rough- well they turned into shitty people.

The first group has to be those that voted for Trump in 2016 – even if you realize the error of your ways, this disastrous response from Trump is 100% on the head of those that put him in office. I believe the saying was “I’d rather die than vote for Clinton” and here we are.

The next group is those anti-mask folks- you know those folks that were massive patriots until they were asked to do a very simple thing for their fellow humans and they literally lost their shit. Those folks that claimed the government couldn’t force them to do anything yet they wore clothes when they went to get groceries in the car they paid insurance on wearing a seat belt that the government forced them to wear…all while not drinking and driving.

The third group are those folks that went on vacation the last couple of months- Florida, Tennessee, George, North Carolina…all over. You’ve seen their pictures on Facebook….well those shitty folks went there and then brought the virus back here. It was just too much to ask them to maybe skip a vacation this year.     

We can also blame those folks that had their little hair cut protest at our state capital- none had masks and almost none were social distancing and we know for a fact that pieces of shit like Terry Bush and that hag he calls a wife were all over that….and NO, you can’t blame the BLM protests because it’s been proven that they weren’t responsible for a spike in cases and a large majority of those folks wore mask. Do some research on where the biggest BLM protests where and compare to where the virus had spikes.

Next you can blame those folks that call the virus a hoax or share misinformation about wearing a mask – like Anderson County School Board members Peggy Peach and Scott Brown. These ignorant folks spread conspiracy theories and bullshit that even Facebook has to flag. The people that think “it’s not that big of a deal” and carry on with their normal life- ignoring that we are literally living through a pandemic.

Finally it’s the folks that just went right back to doing as they wanted- church, Bible study at their home or having their kids pile into a dugout at a little league game. Those folks that pushed and pushed for everything to be “normal” while the rest of us were facing a situation that was anything BUT normal. Birthday party Covidiots are included in this group of folks as well. Just folks getting in large groups and just being ignorant because ignorance is bliss.

Those groups are directly responsible for the deaths of Kentuckians and the exact reason our numbers are shooting up- here in LawrenceTurd and ALL of Kentucky.

Now you will see ignorant folks in comment sections blaming a group of people yet there is ZERO way to justify that- they will call those folks “sheep” yet they are the ONLY folks who can’t be blamed for this situation.

Those folks are people who didn’t vote for Trump; folks who have stayed home as much as possible and not gone out for beers or on vacations. Folks that only go out when it’s required for things like food and, even then, they have always worn a mask and quickly get in and out.

Usually, the ignorant folks that call those people “scared” will fall into one of the 6 groups above and they fell guilty because they are shitty people and directly related for the situation we are in.

I have removed folks that fall into those categories- from my social media and life, in general.

The numbers will continue to go up here because a large section of our population are just uneducated pieces of shit that believe anything FauxNews or their Orange Dictator tells them because they honestly don’t know any better.

To those of us doing what we can for others…and for humanity in general…we deserve a round of applause because there is literally ZERO ways to put this on our heads…even though ignorant people will try.

Call me scared…call me a sheep…as long as I know I’m doing my part and not being one of those assholes…I’m happy with myself and my conscience is clear.

To Trumpers- after you look up that big word, I know you will claim yours is clear as well but it’s not and that is why you are a piece of shit.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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