Listen To Me

Why should I listen to you…you’re still fat???

Learn from me- it’s taken me 44 years to get the knowledge I have…and I’m literally still learning. If you are younger, you can take my knowledge and built on it and, one day in the long future, someone may be able to use this knowledge to actually lose weight.

Today’s word is – frustrating…but it shouldn’t be though.

Us fat people are weird- no, not you Karen- who is 130 lbs of mostly muscle, crying about the fat slightly covering your six pack- I’m talking about FAT people.

I know- that isn’t politically correct- it’s not my place to say if someone is fat or not…blah…blah…blah. I said what I said.  

I have done 30-60 mins of cardio 5 days a week with 15-20 mins on Saturday and Sundays- haven’t missed a day for 30 straight days. I’ve also mowed and worked in the yard and just lived as a person over 400 lbs.

I’ve eating pretty well for about 90% of the time…yet here I am…still 420 lbs. I had gotten down to 417 lbs and up to 424 lbs but average out at 420 lbs and have since around February 1st.

From February 1st to April 11th– I didn’t even try all that much. I was having bad days and binge eating and not doing much of any exercise. I would start and stop over and over…yet still maintained around 420 lbs.

I was noticing something though- I was literally falling apart. My elbow was killing me, I was having a lot of issues breathing, my back was hurting…. I just felt miserable and that added to the bad mental stuff and it just wasn’t a great place so I ate and ate but still stayed around 420 lbs for the most part.

Now, from April 12th to today- I’ve busted my ass and sweated more than I ever have, and I’ve stuck with it. I’ve forced myself to eat better and eat out less- sure, a couple of bad days, but a large majority were good days.

I feel amazing, elbow doesn’t hurt anymore, back feels better…. mowing/yard work didn’t knock me down for a few days and I can breathe a million times better and don’t get winded as much- which as all helped with mental stuff and led to way more amazing days than bad.

Yet I’m still at 420 lbs.

For a person my size, only two things matter, to us, and the world- how much have you lost and how fast did you lose it.

I stepped on that scale this morning I’m not going to hit my goal this week (didn’t last week either) and I still see that 420 lbs. that I’ve basically seen for 3.5 months and that is all that matters. I just ignore all the other good stuff about how much better I feel- both mentally and physically.

That’s frustrating and I don’t understand why I do that.

Most of my life, doing what I’ve done the last month would have resulted in 30 lbs. lost or more but age has caught up to me and all the up and down weight issues has probably destroyed my metabolism and that is frustrating.

The fact that I found a type of cardio that I love and got addicted to it at 44 years old, after destroying my metabolism, is frustrating.

When people see me walking through a store- they probably think about how lazy I am- not knowing that I was up at 5:30 am this morning doing cardio for 30 mins and that I’m going to do another 60 minutes this evening and that I’m starting a competition next week where I’ll be doing 2 hours of cardio per day for a week.

If I walked into a DRs office and told them all the exercising I’ve done and how I’ve eaten yet still weigh the exact same- they would call me a liar- I’ve seen Dr. Now do it a million times on “My 600 lb. Life.”

“You are 420 lbs.…you would have to eat over 10,000 calories a day to not lose weight!!!”

I know I’ve bitched about this same exact issue before but it’s frustrating and it’s the main reason people do NOT lose weight and, when they do, they don’t keep it off.

I want to start a hash tag called #BelieveFatPeople.

I am here to tell you exactly what I’ve done- yet I have nothing to show for it as far as the scale.

I fully understand the importance of Non-Scale Victories (NSVs)- trust me…but there is no victory for a person as fat as I am…until that Scale Victory.

It’s so fucking hard to focus on all the positive right now.

I’m no quitter though- so what is my plan?

I just gotta keep busting balls….no…. literally…that’s what I do in Supernatural VR- we bust balls with bats or our fist.

In the long run, I have to remember that I feel so much better- maybe I’ll just be a 420 lbs. fat guy that doesn’t feel miserable all the time- maybe that has to be enough for me.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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