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Something happened that sort of blew my mind so I wanted to post it here for everyone who didn’t realize- you can use your Xbox One controller to play a lot of mobile games on your Android phone.

I posted it in a gaming group I’m in and had tons of questions and comments stating that folks had no idea.

Now, I’m pretty sure you can do it with Playstation 4 controllers as well but I don’t have one of those and I’ve read there are some issues with Apple phones but I don’t have one of those either.

This is JUST for Xbox One controllers and Android- because that is what I have.

It’s really extremely simple- go to you SETTINGS on your phone, click on the BLUETOOTH area and then click SCAN- while you are doing that, hold down the little Bluetooth button on the top of the controller- the one you use to sync a new controller up with YOUR Xbox.

Once the phone finds it- click to allow it to connect and BOOM- you are done.

Not all mobile games let you use a controller but Call of Duty Mobile and Fortnite do and it’s way easier than playing with your thumbs.

It’s not about getting an upper hand because I don’t play competitive- I play to have fun and it’s a really nice way to play these games away from home but still get that console feel.

The clip I have was found on Amazon- I got two clips and two sets of thumb grips for under $10.

You just sync the controller to your phone, pop the clip on and start playing!

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