Never Grow Up

Here is a fact- I am the single worst Call of Duty player to ever pick up a controller but that hasn’t changed my love for the game. (honestly, I suck at most games.)

The first COD game I ever played was Modern Warfare 2 and I loved it…not sure why I picked it up to begin with, could have been the hype that pushed me to try it out; however, I have ALL COD games that came out after that point.

Each year my mom would ask me what I wanted for Christmas (yes, I was in my 30s at the time!) and since the new one always comes out in November it basically become a tradition that mom would get the newest one or me as my present or just give me the cash to buy it (or reimburse me if I had already gotten it.)

It would never fail that I would hear the same words….words that I have heard most of my life…even as a kid- “when are you going to grow up?”

This November will be the first time since 2010 that mom hasn’t bought the new COD game for me (in some way) and the first time that I won’t get asked that question because she passed away in July. COD Black Ops IIII will have a different meaning to me- a more emotional one…even if it sucks and even if my kill/death ratio continues to be around 2/20. I’m still going to buy it and still going to play it.

To her generation- men shouldn’t play video games or collect trading cards. Men worked, fixed cars and took care of their family and that generation of gamer mostly spent their days playing video games, laying around their parent’s house eating and being lazy.

Thankfully…my generation has changed that stereotype….in a sense, you don’t have to ever “grow up”.

Most 35-45 year olds I know maintain full time jobs, have houses and car payments, take care of families and love video games.

I’m the perfect example – I’m 40 years old with a mortgage, car payment, full time job that I’ve been at for 13 years- I have a great credit score, credit cards, a son in the 7thgreat and I take care of my family and I’m an adult in every sense of the word. I also have a man cave that is nothing short of a shrine to trading cards, comic books, Star Wars, wrestling, Pokemon and video games.

I think that is one of the reasons I’m creating “Sharkfin Gaming” because, while this community is mostly teenagers and kids in the 20s- there are still a lot of us old timers out there and thanks to us, you probably aren’t being told to “grow up” as much as we were because this stuff is a way of life for you- everyone plays video games, watches the latest comic book movie and has a mini computer in their pockets at all times- we have now become an entire society of nerds and that is no longer looked at as being “childish”.

We put in the work to make this stuff mainstream and opened the door for stuff life E-sports and gamers becoming millionaires just for doing what they love.

I’m the old guy that you are killing in COD/Fortnite and calling my mom a whore….yep, that’s ME and I love it and I’m not going anywhere so maybe take it a bit easier on me next time you little bastards.

We did grow up and we proved that this stuff wasn’t just a phase or for kids- we are the OGs- Original Gamers.

I was saving princesses before you were just a sparkle in your momma’s eye.

I was building walls in Tetris long before Trump tried to get the Mexicans to pay for one. (I was also putting in that final piece to knock them down as well- maybe that is why I understand that if you keep building that wall, it’s eventually GAME OVER)

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

PS- cut back on the whore mom trash talk- don’t make this community more toxic than it already is. I actually keep everything on mute anyway….so :P.

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