No Code of Conduct Updates

The Anderson County Board of Education had another meeting last night and I’m not sure if it’s the last before they “plan” to send our kids out into the war zone or not but let me explain the hypocrisy a little.

AC schools have issued a plan to reopen…however…last night they accepted a Code of Conduct for the 2020-2021 school year WITHOUT any changes or additions regarding the mask policy..or ANY policy related to Covid.

Out of 5 school board members and a superintendent…only ONE member thought that was an issue while the others basically said…”eh, we can’t really MAKE a kid wear a mask”- basically meaning- it looks good on paper but we won’t actually enforce it.

Peggy Peach, a school member who shares a ton of false information on her personal Facebook (confirmed false BY Facebook) seems to think that since she was a nurse long BEFORE Covid- that she still fully understands Covid- while our current DRs and nurses are STILL in the learning process.

The discussion is at the 1:05 mark of this video.

We are sending our kids back to school, with a mask being mandatory yet ZERO guidance on how that will be enforced- it’s pretty clear it will not be. What happens when a kid sees the ignorance from their parents and yells “I taint a wearing not a one mask…dis ‘Merica…Trump 2020!!!” Will that kid be removed for the safety of all of the other kids or will we allow that ignorance to prevail the way our mayor did with white terrorist on our court yard?

How many kids are we willing to allow to get this before we actually do something?

I believe, since Peggy Peach has this Covid completely figured out, she should resign from the Anderson County School Board and volunteer her time at Frankfort Regional Medical Center to train the current nurses/DRs who are completely lost on how to keep this from spreading and killing people.

Peggy Peach seems to be a nursing specialist since she was a nurse in the 1970s?….1990s?- who knows…however, she was a nurse for a long time and her talents are being wasted discussing budgets when we need her on the front lines- training nurses and DRs who are just lost with this new, never before seen pandemic.

Last year my son got both flu A and flu B from classmates but Peggy Peach understands how to stop that as well…yet she did nothing to prevent it last year?

I believe she should take Scott Brown with her and they can double team this pandemic and have it fixed before school starts in August.

Simply by NOT stopping this pandemic in it’s tracks- they are endangering our children and causing all of us to suffer at the hands of a pandemic they fully understand.

Has she told Covid that she was a nurse for 30 years? I don’t know her but I’ve seen/heard it 4 times so far it clearly means she is extremely intelligent and Covid is no match for her!

As Peggy Peach said (after having her temperature checked before the meeting)- “that temperature thingy took about 6 beeps and I just said GOOD LARD, can’t you just stick something up my ass- this is insane! I ain’t go no time for a 6 beeping temperature thingy…I was a nurse in 1862 and we just used the back of our hand and if you were hot…we killed you.

“That is NOT a direct quote but it is just ignorant enough to be something she would post on her Facebook page and have Facebook put a “false information” label on.

At this point, our superintendent and the AC school board are laughable and that is about the only thing I can do at this point…laugh at their ignorance while I put the safety of my child into their hands.

I had planned to run for the school board but after watching some past videos and talking to a ton of people, it seems you have to be a “Mitchell Yes Man” and I can’t do that…it also seems that the one board member who tried basically got told to shut up and ignored…good ol’ Anderson County politics…I mean…child safety.

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