October 2022 – Day Of The Dead

The October challenge is the “Day Of The Dead Challenge” and I did this one for a few reasons.

  • The medal is gorgeous
  • The medal is very Halloween
  • My wife loves sugar skulls and since we are celebrating our 19th anniversary and the start of our 20th year together- it just fit perfectly

It’s currently October 6th and I have really stepped up the workouts this month already. I’m doing harder and longer than I have the last few months and I’ve tried to focus on multiple workouts per day.

My first 6 months ends on my 19th anniversary – October 20th – and it looks like I’m going to be down about 75 lbs so I’m pretty proud of that.

I’m also using this month to recalculate the goals for the next 6 months and get re-motivated and this challenge is already helping with that.

Let’s go!!!!!!

Happy Halloween!!!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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