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Peggy Peach and Scott Brown (current Anderson County School Board members) have both shared a video from February 2020- when Covid was just a random mention in some random paper…before America fully understood what it was.

This video is talking about how mask don’t work and you shouldn’t wear mask…all the ignorance that someone in July 2020 would still believe. Of course, now, since we’ve had time to look at data and evidence- the science is changing what we actually thought back then.

Here is a section of Peggy’s own personal Facebook where someone is trying to explain, nicely, that she’s an idiot.

Please notice how she says “facts don’t change” yet how much has changed about Covid from February to July? How much have actual DRs, nurses and scientists discovered about this virus?

The beautiful thing about science is that it is constantly changing based on data and learning- the more you learn, the better your decision can be.

The problem is that this “retired nurse” is still going by an ancient medical education that she received over 30 years ago.

She was a nurse for 30 years- which means she was educated to be a nurse back in the 1980s….because she is retired so I’m guessing…but it was long ago.

What did DRs and nurses believe then…compared to what they know now?

The amount of information that has been discovered about Covid from February to July is a devastating amount yet Peggy Peach and Scott Brown are still holding on to the ignorance from 5 months ago because it better fits THEIR political views.

Sadly…their ignorance and political views will ultimately put our kids safety at risk.

Could you imagine where we would if we “believed the first science”…as if science isn’t a constantly changing, living thing…could you imagine the advances that wouldn’t have happened if we “believed the first science”?

Does she mean the first science from cave man, the Roman Empire, the religious dark ages or what?

UPDATE: It was brought to my attention, that during the last school board meeting, updated mask information was provided to both Scott Brown and Peggy Peach. Mr. Brown balled it up to throw away and Ms. Peach pushed it to the side without reviewing it. They have no interest in actual information- just their political views.

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