When it comes to weight loss- I’m all about goals and always working towards the next one.

You set a goal and work your ass off to get there- if you succeed- GREAT- but if you don’t, you recalculate and continue.

You need to set realistic goals and then recalculate as you start getting more information, based on your results.

You can’t say “my goal is to lose 200 lbs in 1 year” and then you don’t hit your monthly goals, then you need to recalculate and not allow it to snowball into an insane goal that you’ll never achieve- that is a set up for failure.

You can’t be “behind” in a goal. If you aren’t hitting your set monthly goals, you start getting behind and if you don’t recalculate- you will get way off track.

Here’s an example- you want to lose 10 lbs a month but the first month you only lose 8 lbs…this means you are “behind” 2 lbs so now you need to lose 12 lbs the next month to keep up…but reality has set your goal at 8 lbs based on the previous month.

Then you only lose 8 lbs again and now you need 14 lbs the next month…but that isn’t realistic based on the previous months.

If you stick with your original goals- it snowballs and gets out of hand- you get frustrated and give up.

You MUST recalculate each month and chip away at the overall goal- as long as you are pushing forward, never look at yourself as being behind.

I original set a goal of 200 lbs in a year- 100 lbs per 6 months.

My 6 months ends between 10.17.2022 and 10.22.2022- my stuff is weird because I started in the middle of a month but didn’t really “START”- just made some changes but offset those changes with bad decisions…so I have an “estimated start date”.

I’ve decided to just cut it off cleanly at 10.20.2022- which is one of the biggest days in my life. This gives me a good ending/starting point to focus on- so my stuff isn’t “exact” but pretty damn close.

So- in 6 months, it looks like I’m going to end around the 75 lbs mark.

I could say- “well, now I gotta lose 125 lbs over the next 6 months” but that isn’t realistic based on the fact I only hit 75 lbs this 6 months and weight loss just gets slower and harder the longer you succeed at it.

So- I’ve recalculated because, while I didn’t hit my goal, I’ve chipped off 75 lbs of it. Instead of needing to lose 200 lbs, now I only need to lose 125 lbs.

This is basically for me to go back and keep track but here are my new, recalculated goals based on my first 6 months.

445 – starting
370 – estimated 6 months
305 – estimated 12 months
245 – estimated 18 months

Over the first 6 months, I averaged about 12.5 lbs lost each month so, realistically, I need to recalculate based on that…but considering that weight loss slows down the longer you go- I’m shooting for an average of about 10.8 lbs over the next 6 months.

Then 10 lbs average over the last 6 months.

I think these are reachable goals- goals that will make me push to reach them but also don’t set me up to fail.

Don’t set yourself up to fail.

Don’t worry if you don’t hit your goals and don’t consider it a failure if you need to recalculate.

This is a LIFE-LONG journey….it literally never ends so you need to recalculate based on life.

I’ve ran all the numbers and I have my monthly goals for the next year and if I start missing those, I’ll recalculate again because, even though I’ve set a time-frame- there is NO time-frame- if that makes sense.

If I’m not where I want to be when the 1-year mark hits- I’ll recalculate again and just keep chipping away until I get to where I want to be and then focus on maintaining that success.

Again- DO NOT PUT YOURSELF BEHIND- unless you’ve gained all the weight lost back and are adding to your highest weight- you aren’t behind.

Just keep chipping away.

Here are my monthly goals…mostly for me. I should reach 100 lbs lost by the end of the year.

11.20.2022 – 360
12.20.2022 – 349
01.20.2023 – 339
02.20.2023 – 328
03.20.2023 – 318
04.20.2023 – 308
05.20.2023 – 297
06.20.2023 – 287
07.20.2023 – 276
08.20.2023 – 266
09.20.2023 – 255
10.20.2023 – 245

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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