Resolution: Become Alcoholic

And just like that page 1 of 365 has been written and we are already into page 2…it really only stops being written once.

I’m sure you’ve all heard of someone making a New Years Resolution to stop drinking but have you ever heard of someone making a resolution to START drinking?

I’ve “drank” before but very rarely- maybe I had a Long Island Iced Tea here or a Trump there. Oh, what’s a “Trump” – just what I call White Russians.

My favorite is probably rattlesnake- sort of like chocolate milk that gets ya tipsy!

Well, I decided that I’m too stress and I need to find ways to relax and it needs to be something other than stuffing my face with Oreo’s and I do have a weird obsession with drinking- in general. I always have an energy drink or soda and I just sip on it all day. Well, I’ve decided to greatly limit soda so I sipped on flavored water all day yesterday but I need to find more ways to relax.

So, I picked up drinking!

No, I won’t be going out to bars and risking the health of others during a pandemic because, well, I’m not that type of asshole.

Last night was grocery night so we got some things we’ve been seeing around social media to try out- I picked up a bottle of Wild Turkey whiskey (because it’s literally distilled RIGHT here in my little hometown and I want to support them because they do a lot for our community) and we picked up some lemon vodka that the wife has heard so much about.

The plan is to have a lemon vodka ice tea or a “Wild Coke” to just sip on while playing video games or just relaxing on the weekend. I’m 42 years old…seems like a good time to start drinking!

Yesterday was successful and I already started today off with meditating so all is going pretty well- yesterday I even set up an Instagram called “Sharkys Killing It or Fail” and the plan is to just post one picture per day, all 365 days of 2021. I’ll be posting around 10pm each night and it will basically be a visual view of the year and if I killed it or failed each day…a few months from now, I’ll be able to go and visually see how I’ve been doing and that should help me a lot.

I also do plan to get back to actually writing and not just doing this journal style of stuff but, for right now, this is what I’m focusing on – me and 2021.

I’m really focused on setting in a schedule that will just flow and then I can start adding some writing- it won’t always be this boring stuff.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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