Returning to the Sky

…for the first time.

I remember going to multiple stores back in July 2018 to find “No Man’s Sky” when it hit Xbox One and I got the last copy at the 4th stores (2nd Target) that we went to in Louisville, KY- that game was impossible to find!

I got home and started playing it and I played it for a bit but never even got my ship fixed. I loved finding random plants and the missions and the animals of the starting planet but I quickly got frustrated with some of the stuff and turned it off….it’s been over a year later and I’ve yet to return to it.

HOWEVER…that is going to change this weekend- the new No Man’s Sky BEYOND update is coming out on August 14th and it’s supposed to basically change the entire game so what perfect time to return to it?

The fact that they are giving this update free of charge means a lot because I’m one of the folks that bought it and gave it a change the moment I could but I just wasn’t feeling it- now I get to move on to the next version without buying it all over again.

I’ve been reading on the update and, honestly, since I never really played it- I’m not sure what is changing. I think I’m going to go in and delete my game data and start fresh on the 16th – once the update goes through and I have time – and just dive in like I’ve never played and see if I can get into it.

I remember playing it was very relaxing and peaceful. Some games up just jump in to kill 10 minutes or so- like Call of Duty- and it’s just non-stop action but this seemed differently and I really wanted to like it and get into it but I just couldn’t.

I’m really looking forward to trying it again and finally playing the game I tried to played over a year ago!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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