Salty AF

I can admit when I’m salty but I would even say I’m pretty fucking pissed right now.

I’ve been in a store to “shop” for something other than groceries TWO times since March 16th, 2020.

I’ve worked from home since then, my son has been in virtual school since then and my wife has worked from home as much as possible or worked in a closed setting.

We go out once a week to get groceries and try to go late at night so the store is as empty as possible. We always wear a mask, we stay in all the time and we did NOT meet with friends for holidays. We had Thanksgiving dinner over a Facebook call with my wife’s family.

We have had ZERO friends over and we don’t let anyone in our house…we don’t even answer the door if the mail lady knocks .

We keep hand sanitizer everywhere and even clean our groceries.

I haven’t gotten the vaccine yet even though I’m over 40 years old, morbidly obese with asthma and sleep apnea- I’m VERY high risk.

I do have several friends on Facebook though that are posting pictures of their little vaccination cards. I have a couple nurses who honestly deserve as much protection as they can get but then I have a few folks that shouldn’t be getting it before me.

Folks that took their kids on vacation to Florida and North Carolina right in the middle of this pandemic. I have some folks who posted pictures of them hanging out with friends, going to bars or getting together for “Friendsgiving”. I have some folks that I’ve seen post about all the shopping they do or eating out. I’ve even seen folks that refuse to wear a mask that are getting the vaccine ahead of me and my family. NOTE: I do NOT have friends in this last category because I don’t associate with assholes who refuse to wear a mask.

These folks that won’t wear a mask or haven’t stayed home or stopped hanging out with friends should be LAST in line to get the vaccine; these folks should be denied hospital services including intensive care and ventilators.

It’s bullshit that my family has done EVERYTHING we could to stay safe and keep others safe yet we continue to wait and continue to see these assholes, who haven’t done their part, having a blast and getting protection.

What’s even worse is I also know nurses who have risked their life who still haven’t gotten their vaccine….

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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Posted January 14, 2021 by Administrator in category "Thoughts