I want to scream through my fist and crash through the wall of injustice which holds back the most honest people- the thoughts that continue to chain us to our nightmares; our fears of the future. How many years make up a lifetime and how many of those years are wasted on trying to be what you never wanted to be to begin with? Hanging from a rope tight around your neck with your foot barely clinging on to the antique chair which decides your fate. Your entire life left hanging in the balance for years, never being able to plant both feet firmly on the ground. The rope gets tighter around your neck and you find it painful to just breathe but you continue fighting, even though the chair has the final decision. Sweat dribbles down your forehead and stings your eyes and all you want is for the pain to end, but you haven’t been pushed over the edge just yet; you hold on to hope. You hold on to the thought that the world is truly a good place, just full of pathetic life. You want to believe that we can all be friends, but in the end, the chair always falls to the floor and you’re left hanging…watching your life fade away over the years.

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