September 2022 – Dad Badge

I’m actually posting this one late- the September Challenge was the “Dad Badge” challenge in honor of my son’s 16th birthday.

I’m a very proud dad to an amazing kid but this month was a struggle. It was rough getting the time because I just wasn’t feeling it- however, while I didn’t put as much time in with my Supernatural VR- I still put tons of time in working out around the house- cleaning out the basement and just staying active.

I did do Supernatural VR almost daily though- only missing a couple days here and there but still getting in my goal of 5 days a week but usually more.

This is the 5th  month of trying to get this weight off and the “newness” has worn off and it’s basically just a daily habit now.

We had a lot of marching band stuff this month so that cut into it a bit and October is even worse when it comes to band but I’m going to have to figure it out.

Even though it was a struggle- the challenge was met and I earned this badge…..if not for all the hard work in September- then for the 16 years of hard work- raising an amazing kid.

My dad left when I was only a few months old and I remember my aunt’s always saying that I’d do the same thing….but here we are….16 years and there hasn’t been a SINGLE day my son has woken up without his dad just down the hall.

OK- well that’s a lie- there was a few days when I had my appendix burst so I wasn’t actually down the hall…but you get it.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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