SharketoGiving 2018

Last year, we gave up and stopped trying to lose weight and had a typical Thanksgiving dinner and didn’t care- felt like crap after and gained about 12 lbs (probably mostly water weight) but we ate everything and we decided that we just couldn’t do that this year…and didn’t want to.

I’ve dropped 132 lbs so far this year and I don’t need to end the year on a bad note by eating like an idiot; please, I have some strong personal feelings on “Thanskgiving” and honestly don’t want to celebrate that BS…so I decided to create SharketoGiving!

SharketoGiving is a day to celebrate friends, family and being healthy- it’s a day when I think about how far I have come and I owe that all to Sharketo (lazy keto). My wife and I wanted to create an entire meal of all Sharketo approved foods- a meal that would allow us to celebrate the enjoyment and celebration of food but to keep it focused on health. We wanted to cook a meal and have some family members (who are not on Sharketo) try everything out and see what they thought.

I will tell you that the longer you do keto stuff, the more your tastes change and the less you crave sugar and sweetness and the less you miss it.

I am happy to say that the first annual SharketoGiving was a massive success! It was an amazing meal and it truly felt like we had a cheat day and had a huge traditional Thanksgiving meal but without all the carbs (and weight gain!)

The first thing we cooked was the turkey and I’m not going to put some big fancy recipe for that…most of you have cooked a turkey and if you haven’t, follow the directions on the package- it’s not hard. We did cover ours with a ton of butter, olive oil and “poultry” spices and cooked it on top of a bed of celery/onions to get an amazing flavor and to keep the turkey from actually being on the pan.

We did some research and found/tested some recipes for some of our favorite sides dishes and ALL of those recipes are linked right here for you to check out!

Loaded Sharkiflower – your typical smashed cauliflower replacement for mashed potatoes. It doesn’t taste like potatoes and I won’t lie and say it does but it was pretty good and close enough.

Sweet Sharktater Casserole – this was a good replacement for those sugar filled, marshmallow covered sweet potatoes!

Sharkbean Casserole – actually BETTER than your normal green bean casserole.

7izUp Sharkiscuits – these are some amazing biscuits we have been making for months- better than regular biscuits and super buttery!

Sharked Eggs – this is my standard deviled egg recipe but I didn’t use bacon this time. I also used Avocado Mayo for some extra flavor and it was better.

Pumpfin Cheesecake Pie – I swear to you- this was better than any pumpkin pie I’ve ever had.

I had a pretty big plate of food and was super full and really got that holiday feelings- we ate, sat around and talked and then watched a Christmas movie and played some video games. It was a great Thanksgiving and I didn’t get that feeling like I missed out on anything food wise. This morning, I had gained 2.5 lbs but that is nothing- I ate more than I should have and didn’t fast yesterday- that 2.5 lbs will come off in no time and I assure you, if we had eating a traditional Thanksgiving meal, I would have gained MUCH more.

So…here is a break down. I put in all the recipes into MyFitnessPal and set up a 1 serving plate and then compared it to what we had last year. The calories aren’t as low as I thought it would be but that is because you have to use stuff like almond flour and when you cook keto style, the calories always go up and CALORIES DO MATTER!! Normally, you do “one meal a day” so it’s OK to make higher calorie foods.

The BIG difference is in the carbs…we cut 117g net carbs! On top of that, our net carbs were probably lower because a lot of them were from veggies and we just used better, healthy and more natural ingredients.

SharketoGiving- 1 serving of all of the recipes above plus 4 oz of turkey-

1535 calories
33g carbs
8g fiber
25g net carbs
125g fat
58g protein

Last Years Traditional Thanksgiving- exactly what I personally would normally eat at one Thanksgiving meal. (not counting ours, parents, friends, snacks and everything else we loaded up on during the “holiday!”)

1965 calories
212g carbs
10g fiber
202g carbs
154g fat
84g protein

SharketoGiving was amazing and I can’t wait to try some more amazing recipes for next years celebration!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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