SharketoGiving 2018

It’s almost the first annual SharketoGiving…when we celebrate all that Sharketo has given us!

Sharketo isn’t a diet…it’s a way of eating and it’s 4Life!

I’ve never been a Thanksgiving person- I love the food but the entire point of it is idiotic and full of flat out lies but this year- I have something to actually celebrate!

I’m going to use this “food holiday” as a time to celebrate the Sharketo way of eating that has helped me lose over 130 lbs. and feel better than I ever have and I want to SHARE all of this with you…which I do right here on!

Here is the menu that we are working on for our big celebration- we are going to practice a couple recipes this week to make sure it’s what we want and then I’ll be posting all of the recipes so you can enjoy a SharketoGiving as well!

Herb Butter Sharkurkey
Sharketo Glazed Ham
Sweet Sharktato Casserole
Shark Bean Casserole
Deviled Shark Eggs
Smashed Sharkiflower
Sharkumpkin Cheesecake

These are a Sharketo take on traditional Thanksgiving favorites!

I’ve been trying to keep the carbs between 10-20grams per day and I do realize that this one day, I will probably go over but most of those carbs will be from veggies…so I’m good with it. This will give us a chance to enjoy this food holiday and not shovel tons of carbs down our throat.

I plan to permanently change Thanksgivng to Sharketogiving and do this each year, changing some recipes and bringing back some favorites.

Be on the lookout for SharketoGiving recipe updates!!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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