Sharky Moves To The Valley

Look at me…writing stuff about gaming again- holy shit!

Well- thanks to Game Pass, I got to play the new Disney rip-off of Animal Crossing- “Dreamlight Valley” and let me tell you- it’s everything that I wanted Animal Crossing to actually be.

I loved Animal Crossing New Horizons- it literally helped me get through the pandemic and I spent a ton of hours just relaxing and enjoying the chill mood of the game…but then it quickly turned boring, so I stopped playing and haven’t been back to my island in over a year- my villagers are probably dead or at least grown up, gotten married and had kids.

Dreamlight Valley gives me the same “relaxed and chill” feeling that Animal Crossing did but it’s so much more because of the way everything is set up. It makes me want to do stuff to build friendships with the characters and there is always a task to do- so it’s not just the “going through the motions” of gathering supplies and buying/selling- there is a purpose to it- besides building cooler furniture. I really like the mini little “battle pass” each character has and it helps motivate you to build those friendships.

The other bonus is that Dreamlight Valley is from Disney, so it’s got all the characters we love- so getting characters to come back to the valley actually means something.

ACNH was the first Animal Crossing game I played so I wasn’t familiar with the characters, and they didn’t really have much meaning to me- but I know all these Disney characters and, since Disney owns Star Wars and Marvel, this game could get really amazing.

I also like the way the portals are set up and the can easily be expanded without destroying the foundation of the game.

Sure, ACNH has different islands but it’s all random and you can’t return to them. I am hoping that Disney adds a multiplayer function in the future so we can see other islands and creations.

Dreamlight Valley makes daily chores like gathering supplies seem like just part of the game and not really a “chore” but just part of the story that goes along with it- you aren’t just gathering stuff for the hell of it, there is a reason and purpose.

I really liked ACNH but then Disney used that to create a game I truly love…at least after about 20 hours into it.

Sadly, once the story ends- I could drift away from Dreamlight Valley and let Mickey die alone- but I truly hope that doesn’t happen.

This game is still technically in “beta” and the full game isn’t expected until 2023 so there is no telling what they can add…and with so many licenses, what we can collect could get insane!

I could have the Millennium Falcon setting outside my house while Thor gives me a task to collect ingredients for his famous blueberry pie!

Dreamlight Valley feels like a game that you are playing and not just mindlessly wondering while actually giving you the relaxation that ACNH gave you but just mindlessly wondering.

While I agree that Dreamlight Valley is 100% an Animal Crossing rip off- Disney did do it far better and built it so that it doesn’t seem so small and compact but big enough for the entire universe.

I’m guessing I’m going to put 100’s of hours into this game and I’m not only happy about that but I look forward to it!

I know there are folks out there who love Animal Crossing and have played the different versions and are attached to those characters, so they probably feel extremely different than I do- and that’s awesome! Play the games you love- Animal Crossing is amazing and I really enjoyed it, it just couldn’t hold my attention the way I think Dreamlight Valley will.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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