So Much Violence

I’ll never forget my first video game…or the violence it created in me.

The time was 1988 and the place was Nicholasville, KY!

I was a poor kid so I only dreamed of having a Nintendo Entertainment System- from its release in 1985 all the way until Christmas of 1988, but that Christmas morning…my wish came true.

I unboxed this amazing system that game with a gun…A GUN!!! Right in the box! Along with Super Mario Brothers and Duck Hunt.

I slide that cartridge in, ever so gentle and pushed that power button and I was lost in a world of amazement…and violence- pure, unadulterated violence!

I was jumping on turtles and using their shells to hurt little brownish-red penis tip shaped animals and I loved every minute of it!

But just doing it in the video game was NOT enough to feed my lust for violence.

It was less than a week before my need for jumping on turtles become reality for me- I found myself outside, jumping on every turtle I saw- once to knock it out and twice to shoot its shell in a specific direction.

But there were no brownish-red penis tips to hit with my shells so I started sending them towards babies, firemen and Wal-Mart employees.

Every turtle shell I jumped on, flung and knocked an un-aware baby off of this planet only added to my adrenaline rush.

The number of ducks I killed with that orange weapon of death couldn’t even be counted!

But, after weeks of killing turtles, babies and randos on the street- I was ready for a different kind of violence…Zelda, Donkey Kong…VOLLEYBALL!!!!!

1986 was the year video games introduced me to violence and now…33 years later…the violence hasn’t stopped. I can no longer control myself….I throw balls at squirrels- trying to catch them and make them battle other animals! I shoot paint all over the streets and try to gain control of the city by covering more of it with hot pink paint then others can cover with neon green. I run around, chopping trees down and building forts to protect myself- I have enough wood on me RIGHT NOW to build a fortress that no rocket launcher could destroy!

Violent video games don’t cause real world violence- it’s been proven time and time again and anyone who says they do are fucking idiots….and I’ve got a turtle shell just WAITING for ANYONE who disagrees with me!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness~~~~~shArky~~~~~

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