Social Media Posting Schedule

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MONDAY-Carcharodon Carcharias Chronicles
This is what I call my weight loss journey. Monday is my official weigh day and since weight loss is pretty boring honestly- one day should be enough.

TUESDAY-Sharky Eats
I’m literally trying to change the way I eat- I’ll go over some new stuff I’ve tried to see if it’s a hit or miss.

WEDNESDAY-In The Kitchen
This was one of my favorite things from before. We’ll find a new recipe and the wife and I will make it and if we like it- it goes on the official In the Kitchen section of the webpage. No long ass life story- just the recipe and some pics!

THURSDAY-Thoughts of a Shark
The first website/blog I ever created- back in 1997- was called “Thoughts of a Shark”. It’s just random thoughts…from a shark.

I love playing video games. Let’s talk about what I’m playing, gaming news or just gaming stuff I like.

SATURDAY/SUNDAY (coming soon)-Streaming/Free Days
I plan on setting up the streaming stuff again and maybe streaming a few hours on the weekends. Maybe some games, maybe showing off a donation or whatever. May use it to raise money for charities (donated directly to charity)- who knows?