Southern Lights Stroll 2019

We completed our 3rd 5K of 2018- it started off on the wrong food and ended with a bloody toenail.

We made sure to sign up early so I could get a shirt added to my collection but it was white- so I wasn’t thrilled about that- however, the 2X fit amazing and it was, easily, the most comfy of the 5K shirts we’ve gotten so far. White isn’t a great color for fat people but it’s a great around the house shirt.

We got an email saying that “the first 1,000 people who showed up to pick up their race packet would get a free gift” so that wife and I planned to go on the first day- not really for the free gift but because it worked best for our schedule…a free gift is just a bonus!

All of the folks “working” there were talking to this one girl so we stood there for several minutes before anyone even said a word to us- there were about 5-6 people behind the counter but just all focused on this one girl. Once they finally acknowledged us, they gave us our packet and gave my wife a cool light necklace but I didn’t get one- I asked about it because I’m a separate person who paid my entry fee, etc- it’s not a “group” thing but an individual thing…however, the older lady was extremely rude and said “you don’t get one, you’re together!”

That’s funny because we didn’t get a “together discount” when you took my credit card number…but that was fine- the light necklace was from the Dollar Store so I just bought myself one. It wasn’t the point that I didn’t get one- it was the point that we each paid and each showed up at the same time and she was extremely rude about it…like I was trying to steal $1 from them. That really aggravated me and just showed that they aren’t really grateful for the support- I got more of a feeling that she was angry about the entire situation.

The day of the race was Thursday- November 15th…yes…a THURSDAY??? It doesn’t make sense to me either but that was the day they choose- the temperature was in the mid 20s and it was snowing like crazy and the road had a nice coating of ice on it; so it wasn’t the safest AND, on top of that, the road we were all walking on actually had trucks using it- safety did NOT seem like a big issue for these folks.

The wife and I were bundled up and after walking awhile, you couldn’t really feel the cold but since the road was like a solid sheet of ice, my feet kept gripping in order to not fall, which caused my sock to actually start pulling off my little toenail- I didn’t realize this until I got home…I guess my feet were numb.

I will say that the thought behind this walk was great- walk through the amazing Christmas light show they have and with the snow falling and holding my wife’s hand- it was a nice little walk through a Winter wonderland but it could have been handled better.

The other safety issue was the darkness- not only were you walking on ice and slush but a lot of it was total darkness- which I understand- you couldn’t see the amazing lights as well if they had everything lit up so you can’t really complain about that and it wouldn’t have been an issue if everything wasn’t coated in ice and snow.

Since this was our third 5K, it did feel a lot easier, of course, our time was terrible due to the walking conditions so I’m not really upset about that but I wasn’t as winded and our legs were as “dead”.

I think we are going to take December off and then try to do 12 5Ks in 2019 but I think this is one I’m going to skip- the other 5Ks had friendly workers and they seemed happy to be doing it but these folks just seemed angry about all of it. I remember the Super Hero 5K and those folks were just beyond amazing and overjoyed and it was pure celebration.

When we got home, I saw blood on my sock and once I took it off, the pain set in and my toenail was black due to all of the blood under it. I did some research and it seems this is actually a normal thing when you do a lot of running/walking. I nursed it this weekend and I think the toenail may stay- so that is good news.

All in all- the view of the walk was amazing and the weather just made it more pleasurable really…however, the grumpy old lady really started the whole thing off on the wrong foot and the workers just didn’t seem happy about any of it- so we’ll be skipping it in 2019.

We’ve done a 5K in the heat, rain and now cold/ice/snow…I think we got all the weather covered…maybe this summer we can do one in a tornado.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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