Still Moving

I just realized that I’ve been updating social media on my weight loss but not really posting about it here…the last time I posted here I was still at 411 lbs.

I know folks that have been coming here for years are used to this….”he lost a few lbs and then screwed up so he won’t post again until his NEW JOURNEY bullshit starts.”

Eh…not this time.

I’m currently down to 392 lbs. for a total of 53 lbs. lost so far and I feel amazing.

I spent the last couple of years trying mediation apps to try to find a way to calm me and find happiness in this shitty world around me and it turned out to actually be exercise.

I’ve worked out for 78 days in a row now- not a single missed day- and I realized yesterday, after my workout, that I was truly at peace. Exercise IS the mediation!

After my 68 min workout yesterday- I felt amazing! I was happy, my mind was clear and I was energized.

I had always been looking for motivation to get up and do something- I finally realized that getting up and doing something LEADS to the motivation!

The Carcharodon Carcharias Chronicles is just beginning…I promise to try to update here more often because this story has a long way to go.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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