I’m not going to write as much about losing weight like I did in 2018 because weight loss is just a small part of Fin Sharkyism but I do plan to do weight loss updates as I hit milestones or as I feel that I’m letting things slip and just need to put it out into the universe.

4 full days and I’m down 10 lbs…sounds amazing but it was expected; I’ve done this before but I only focused on weight loss and not overall happiness…and that led to me gaining all the weight back. I’m doing it differently this time because if I don’t, that history will just repeat itself.

10-15 lbs down the first week is expected for ANYONE who truly makes a quick, drastic change. I went from eating non-stop sugar and fast food to fasting and one meal a day (maybe a snack if needed) so my body is just dropping all the water weight from being bloated; actual weight loss doesn’t start until the 2nd-3rd week.

My goal is to average 4 lbs lost per week for an avg of 16 lbs lost per month.

I’ll probably post about weight loss every 10 lbs or so, which means I may post a couple weight loss posts in a short time frame and then it could be weeks before I post again.

I just know that weight loss is NOT a central part of this journey; it’s just another equal part and can NOT become my entire life because I can’t keep that consistent.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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