The Color Run 2019

On Saturday June 29th we did our fourth 5K and our first one of the year and it was the funniest and most amazing one we’ve ever done- it was awesome!!!

There is a difference in feeling good because you are doing something good for the world and feeling good because you are doing some really fun!

When we did our first 5K- it was the Super Hero Run and it was awesome- great charity and really awesome for kids but this one was a bit different- it was FUN for adults (and yes, even kids!). I’m still not sure of the charity it was for because the website still says “coming soon” and that is a little bit suspect honestly but- besides that- it was just great all the way around

The price was reasonable because you got a TON of stuff including an awesome hoodie (that I showed in a previous post)- a shirt, color packet, tutu, temp tattoos…and then- when you completed it you earned an amazing unicorn medal. This was our FIRST medal…yet fourth 5K and that makes me a bit sad because you should get a medal for every 5K!

The color party thing after was pretty awesome as well.

Our packages were mailed to us in a very timely manner- the folks running it were friendly and helpful and the other folks walking/running in it were just friendly and happy- it was truly the happiest 5K in the world.

I was a bit annoyed when we first got there because the line was HUGE…but we did get there a bit late due to terrible parking in Louisville but we really didn’t stand that all that long and it was a good time to take pics and pick out those folks you want to be able to keep up with- the folks that, as long as you finish around them, you don’t feel so bad for being super slow.

The other cool thing about this one is that it wasn’t timed- no pressure…just stroll and enjoy the city and the people and then you hit a “color spot” and people just attack you with color powder and you can get as much or little color as you want and they are try their best not to just throw it at your face!

This was our first Color Run s we were a bit unsure of how everything would work, plus, we were driving from about an hour away and wanted to spend the rest of the day running around the city but didn’t want to do it rainbow colored.

Glad to say- everything turned out amazing and it was a great event- even starting at 8am…which meant we had to get up around 5am- it was still very much worth it and you couldn’t have asked for a better day!

The other thing that made it great was that I found a cool Bob Ross white shirt online to wear- nothing says peace, love and happiness like Bob Ross! Then, I actually got to hide the one I got for my wife and make her think I didn’t get her one! Like I would get a Bob Ross shirt without getting her one!!!

There are a few things that we learned that I would love to share with anyone thinking of doing a Color Run in the future- YES- we will be doing this again- hopefully make it an annual thing!

1. The color is powder and it doesn’t really “stick” that much- it’s like dust. Be sure to use a shirt that you don’t care to ruin but don’t think you are going to get a cool colorful shirt out of it. By the end of the race, a lot of the powder had fallen off and almost 95% of it came out when we washed the shirts- so we bought a tie dye kit to make them super colorful!

2. Wear a bandana to cover your mouth when you go through the color spots- even though they do their best- it’s still dust that is flying everywhere and it will get in your mouth- it’s not harmful but it taste like chalk. NOTE TO COLOR RUN- get flavored dust…like Kool-Aid!!!

3. Seriously- get there as early as possible- there will be THOUSANDS of people there!!!

4. Order the higher pack so they mail it to you- this saves you a 2nd trip and the hassle of trying to go and pick it up to get registered- it’s def worth the extra bucks!

5. Don’t be afraid to get dirty and colorful- it comes off pretty easy. We still had some color on us during the day (which got a lot of questions) but after a shower- we were good as new.

6. Don’t cheat! So many people were taking side roads and crap and those people shouldn’t have gotten a medal. A 5K isn’t really that hard- I did it at 330 lbs- so if you can’t make it…fine….but don’t accept that awesome medal!

7. SERIOUSLY – do NOT be afraid of the color powder- don’t worry about stains or looking weird afterwards…just go ALL in.

8. Don’t take it serious…if someone around you annoys you- speed up or slow down to get away from them. I know they call it a “race” but don’t look at it like that because I feel like that would ruin it

I’m already super excited for The Color Run 2020 because I will be in the 200’s and that is a fact!

Now- enjoy some pics of my amazing wife (and myself) enjoying this great event!!!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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